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Welcome to the Future!

It is 1942, the Third Reich is the true world power. Having dominated its ememies it has started an offensive campaign against its former allies, Russia and Japan. Will the timeline recover from this incursion?
  • Welcome to 1942!
  • The Third-Reich is the dominant world power.
  • Ancient Meteorite Revealed To Be Burnt Burger
  • Cure For Senility Found, But Lost Before Being Recorded
  • Japenese offensive on front lines a failure, thousands dead!
  • This Space For Rent
  • Moscow falls to the Reich!
  • Timmy Falls Down Well, Climbing Needs Work
  • Führer said to be in good health

Crew Application

To successfully submit an application, please register an account first and consider the following details;

  • Is your character native to the 31st Century?
    • If not, you must detail why they are there and why them
  • Pay careful attention to the special requirements for officers in Timefleet, they are recruited from standard Starfleet personnel
  • Have you caught up on the story?

  • If you are not successful on your primary, this will be considered instead.

  • This is a very important part of your application, put as much info in here as possible.

  • This only needs to detail from the Academy onwards in short text