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Welcome to the Future!

It is 1942, the Third Reich is the true world power. Having dominated its ememies it has started an offensive campaign against its former allies, Russia and Japan. Will the timeline recover from this incursion?
  • Welcome to 1942!
  • The Third-Reich is the dominant world power.
  • Ancient Meteorite Revealed To Be Burnt Burger
  • Cure For Senility Found, But Lost Before Being Recorded
  • Japenese offensive on front lines a failure, thousands dead!
  • This Space For Rent
  • Moscow falls to the Reich!
  • Timmy Falls Down Well, Climbing Needs Work
  • Führer said to be in good health




"Admiral's Log, no idea what Stardate it currently is, and frankly, nor do I care. I've usurped the traitor, Winter, from his position as Commanding Officer of the Clepsydra and he's fled to another time, 1942.  This is not the first time I've recorded this log so you will permit me some leniency in the details. It started when the man was young, recruited by a terrorist cell as they polluted his view on the current affairs of the galactic stage.  So far we have been unsuccessful in identifying who these individuals are and we encounter continued resistance for joint intelligence gathering with the other galactic powers.  To this I tell them that their actions are their own and when they fall, and they will, it will be their own idleness that causes it.  Fools. Winter has gone to 1942 Germany, part of the Third-Reich to be precise.  This is a critical era for Earth's history and should this regime succeed in dominating the planet then the ripples in time will not be able to be contained as they will flood this time stream like a tsunami over a small island.  Projections show that should the Third-Reich gain complete dominance over Earth then the Empire it will create will spread out though the galaxy centuries earlier than it should and no power will be able to stop them.  Their aggressive nature and ingenuity is noteworthy but they would be a place out of time, again. As always, the crew are lovely.  They've always been receptive of me, regardless of how I have handled Winter in previous incursions.  Problem is that this is the last one we can try before we completely destroy the fabric of this reality.  I've already enlisted the help of the Chief Engineer, Asahi Kita, a young officer that was brought here from the U.S.S. Viking during the 24th century.  I find that having key personnel on side has given us the best advantage, and it doesn't hurt that the crew are willing to do all they can to find this bastard. I have informed the Crew that my door is always open to them and they can come to talk to me about anything they wish, be it about the current situation or if they just want someone to listen to their concerns. My problem, however, is that the Iconian Gateway device that I used to transport us to Earth in 1942 is fried, and it was my only one.  Even if I enlisted the help of the Clepsydra crew, it would take me months to excavate the parts and modify the technology to work on time travel as well as it does through space. Let's hope this last attempt is successful. End Log."  

Personal Log, First Entry

Personal log
Lieutenant Ophelia Veko
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Clepsydra

We've received our orders. To investigate possible thefts of Borg technology from their abandoned Unicomplex.

The Borg.

Technically, they killed me. Or at least that is what my records show. Killed in action during the Battle of Sector 001.

I was interested in them since our first encounter at Wolf 359. I devoted my Starfleet career to studying them and developing countermeasures. Now it appears that my career in the Timefleet will involve them too.

I'm not sure if that is a good thing. I'm quite nervous, if I'm honest.

We should be arriving very soon. Even in death the Borg are not to be underestimated.        

Ophelia Veko

Ophelia Veko