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Welcome to the Future!

It is 1942, the Third Reich is the true world power. Having dominated its ememies it has started an offensive campaign against its former allies, Russia and Japan. Will the timeline recover from this incursion?
  • Welcome to 1942!
  • The Third-Reich is the dominant world power.
  • Ancient Meteorite Revealed To Be Burnt Burger
  • Cure For Senility Found, But Lost Before Being Recorded
  • Japenese offensive on front lines a failure, thousands dead!
  • This Space For Rent
  • Moscow falls to the Reich!
  • Timmy Falls Down Well, Climbing Needs Work
  • Führer said to be in good health

The U.S.S. Clepsydra is the first to bear the time and is the newest ship within Timefleet. These are the stories of her crew as it protects the integrity of the timelines.
Her former Captain, Keegan Winter, had been deceiving the Federation. His true intentions were to sow the seeds of discord and destabilise the power balance within the Galaxy, undermine the Temporal Accords and destroy New Khitomer. As the crew of the Clepsydra grew closer to the true nature of the theft of Borg technology, Winter sabotaged the ships drives and detonated them as it attempted to jump to 1942. The blast almost destroyed the ship and stranded it in the void between Andromeda and the Milky Way, as the crew worked tirelessly to save themselves and restore power, the investigation as to what happened revealed the Captain’s treachery. Narrowly escaping capture, Winter escaped to another timeline and would put the stolen Borg technology to use.


With the drives still needing repair, the Guardian that they had been chasing, showed himself and was able to use his technology to get the ship into orbit around Earth in the same timeline as Keegan Winter. 1942, what should have been a critical point in Earth’s history as the Axis fights the Allies in World War 2, is no longer the Axis. The Third-Reich has destroyed its enemies, subjugated its people to their will and is now turning its attention to it’s allies. The crew must find Winter and stop him, undo the damage he has done to the timeline at any cost or the worlds they knew would be no more.

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· Chief Science Officer
· Chief Operations Officer
· Chief Counsellor

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    Suffered heavy damage, now in orbit of Earth during the winter of 1942.


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