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Welcome to the Future!

It is 1942, the Third Reich is the true world power. Having dominated its ememies it has started an offensive campaign against its former allies, Russia and Japan. Will the timeline recover from this incursion?
  • Welcome to 1942!
  • The Third-Reich is the dominant world power.
  • Ancient Meteorite Revealed To Be Burnt Burger
  • Cure For Senility Found, But Lost Before Being Recorded
  • Japenese offensive on front lines a failure, thousands dead!
  • This Space For Rent
  • Moscow falls to the Reich!
  • Timmy Falls Down Well, Climbing Needs Work
  • Führer said to be in good health

Mission Objective In and Out of Character

In Character
Regulation 157, Section 3 (Paragraph 18): Starfleet officers are required to take all necessary precautions to minimise any participation in historical events or alter the timeline.

Temporal Integrity Enforcement is the Wells-class starships primary objective, part of the Federations Timefleet, itself a branch of Starfleet, these special ships are equipped with the most advanced temporal technology to monitor and act to preserve, the timelines.

Out of Character/Joint Missions

The Clepsydra operates an open Joint Mission, or Joint Post, process which allows individuals or entire simulations to get together to work on a story. Does your simulation encounter a temporal infraction and do you want someone to help with your story? If so, the Clepsydra team are happy to help. Depending on your needs we can assign a single agent, or team of agents, to work with your simulation to achieve the best story with an element of realism. This goes for individual characters, if you have encountered something and want to run it by a Temporal Agent then drop us a line!

What can the Clepsydra team do?
· We can support your story!
· We do not take over your story in any way
· We are open to Joint Missions or Joint Posts from anyone in Obsidian Fleet
· We do not recruit from any simulation we participate in, this is strictly forbidden
· We can offer support to other simulations without taking part
· We can interact with all simulations, including AU, TME and ENT with support from our advanced technology

Want to take part?

If you would like to take part in one of our stories or have one of our members take part in yours, it is easy to arrange. Just contact the Commanding Officer with the details and dialogue can be opened between the administration teams. There are things to take into consideration first;

Clepsydra joining you
· The Clepsydra team do not override your story in any way
· We can offer advice on likely outcomes of actions if you wish
· We need to know what you wish to achieve
· How many operatives do you need?
· What year is your game set
· Our players will join your board temporarily

Joint Mission with the Clepsydra
· Our story arc takes priority if you join us
· The story must be played out on our board
· Full discussion is required between both administration teams

If you have any questions about our process, or if you wish to take part, then email the admin team here.