The Clepsydra (site) is an Obsidian Fleet simulation and we are bound by their rules. You can view them on their website here;

All players and members of the site are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and respectful manner while abiding by Obsidian Fleet rules.

Our current age rating is: 13+

Our RPG Rating

Language (1)
Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.

Sex (1)
Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.

Violence (2)
Explicit violence is permitted.

Additions/Amendments to Obsidian Fleet rules are the following;

Posting Requirements (Recommended & Minimum)
Senior Officer = 1 post per week (or 2 per Month)
Junior Officer = 1 post per 2 weeks (or 2 per Month)
Civilian = 1 post per 2 weeks (or 2 per Month)

All joint posts are considered "Single" and counted as one post. Clepsydra does not use the multiple count option.

Temporally Displaced characters (characters not from the primary simulation time period) must be pre-approved by the admin team. During this process there will be terms discussed. This could include how your character is brought aboard, and what will happen in the event if you leaving the simulation both by choice or by removal.

Players that are removed by the admin team will not have control of their character. Their actions will be minimal to continue the story and they will be removed at a time suitable for the plot as deemed by the admin team.

Only an Admin will have control over that character and their exit may be in one of the following ways;

· Death - the admin team reserve the right to kill off any character where the player is no longer active.
· Incapacitate - the character may be incapacitated and phased out of the plot by any of the admin team.
· Re-assignment - your character may be re-assigned to another 'facility' in the story. This cannot be done for Temporally Displaced characters unless agreed at application stage.

To Be Finished...