Updates and an Award?!

Posted on Sun Jul 28th, 2019 @ 9:12am by Admiral Myrkul Sharr
Edited on Sun Jul 28th, 2019 @ 1:37pm

'lo folks,

A news item that I think is important for everyone.

New Role Model
As of last night, Task Force 29 came into formal and full effect. The Task Force is a specialist within Obsidian Fleet, allowing simulations of various timelines, realities and versions to exist without impacting the overall Lore of the Fleet, it is also the first time Obsidian Fleet has allowed CO's to have a 'second' command! I mean, who would have ever thought we'd be up for that, huh?

With the deployment of this very dynamic and new Task Force, the Clepsydra has become its Flagship, we are a ship responsible for a Task Force through various times and universes. As we are such a unique vessel, it makes sense for the Syd to take that status and for me to Adminitrate the Task Force as its TFCO. A member of the JFC makes perfect sense in this position, and I look forward to seeing the great things the Task Force can do and how we, the crew of the Syd, can help and support our colleagues in all kinds of Time related matters - so get brushing up on your Quantm Physics and understanding of time, as we are gonna need it!


Everyone should have noticed the new theme by now, a dark theme with the DTI and Wells-class ship at the top. Over the coming weeks I will be modifying the theme to fit out sim, a few more Okudagrams (LCARS) to fit with our place in time, a few new graphics here and there, and I will be expanding our inndividual wiki with specific inforation for our site. If anyone of you wants to help out, then let me know. Howie has been great in getting the Wiki started, and we'll be enhancing this as we go along. Feedback/Suggestions are always welcome too.

Yes, there are two to mention!
Firstly the least important. I often do a few things here and there for a third-party site called Ongoing Worlds and they have seen fit to bestow me with an award of theirs. A OWCH! It was a great honour and I enjoyed Judging one of their panels. Well worth a look; ToS Winners

Now, to the big award. Last night, to my complete surprise, the Syd was awarded Golden PADD for outstanding Post Award for a post that that stands out and blows the reader away with quality. A massive thank you to the authors for this post; Mysteries & Enigmas

So, to conclude. It is a huge thank you from me for being a stable part of this site, and coloossal well done for the award folks, and let's see how we can shape 29!




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