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Lieutenant Commander Kl'k Davison

Name Kl'k Davison

Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Beta Quadrant Reptilian #327
Age Unknown
Security Clearance Code
Security Code Alpha
Special Access Omega
Security Access Level Level 0

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m
Weight 95kg
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A biped in humanoid configuration, K'Lk has a biology closer to Insectoid in terms of DNA and internal organs. He has blueish grey skin and bright blue eyes. K'Lk has no clear nose, his scent organs are located in his mouth. He has an exoskeletal carapace structure which gives some additional resilience to his body, although it doesn't render him immune from damage from any conventional weapons.


Spouse N/A
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview K'Lk is a personable officer who enjoys the company of others. He actively seeks out people to associate with whilst off duty. He requires relatively little sleep, with one cycle of around 4 hours every 72 hours, meaning that he tends to become involved in a number of social activities in his assignments, as well as volunteering for extra shifts. He displays mild empathic abilities, which make him a natural negotiator, although he has a tendency to be rather generous without others to support him.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Charismatic

-Can become anxious is alone for extended periods
-Vulnerable to telepathic manipulation
Ambitions Discover more about his species and initiate meaningful contact with The Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Socialising, team sports, debate

Personal History K'Lk is the only known member of his species in any time zone in the galaxy. The USS Darwin was charting a temporal distortion when they found a stable entry into a chronologically isolated pocket of space within. Inside they found a habitable planet which seemed to have been the victim of an unknown cataclysm. There was evidence of a colony of sophisticated sentient beings with space travel capabilities. During they survey of the planet, Lieutenant George Davison discovered a lone survivor of the species that had inhabited the colony. The alien male, who George named K'Lk after a vocalisation the alien repeated while he made initial contact, had no memories of anything before the Darwin's arrival.

K'Lk formed a strong bond with Lieutenant Davison, and soon requested asylum within the Federation. He was granted special dispensation to remain aboard the Darwin, where George taught him about the galaxy and attempted to discover more about K'Lk's home and species. K'Lk eventually took George's surname as they had become like family to one another, with George taking the role of an older sibling.

K'Lk appeared to be an adult, despite his lack of memory, as well as a very quick study. He displayed natural empathic abilities, which George believed indicated the likelihood of a stronger connection between members of K'Lk's species. Indeed, the alien was noticeably more comfortable in social situations and surrounded by other sentients.

Studies of K'Lk and his colony led to the theory that his species were a hive like organism, which was supported by the architecture found on their planet. There was evidence that they were not native to that planet and that they may have other time-locked colonies in the galaxy. It is possible that the temporal anomaly that gave the Darwin access to the planet was linked to the fate which befell it.

After three years on the Darwin, K'Lk decided to apply for Starfleet academy, sponsored by the Darwin's commanding officer. He was successful and proved a popular student, eventually choosing to specialise in diplomacy. After graduation, he was assigned as a junior attaché to Admiral T'Vok, who found him to be an able officer, although K'Lk found the Vulcan to be a difficult individual to work directly with. He worked his way up the ranks, having a generally successful career, save one incident in which a Betazoid negotiator was able to manipulate him into making a very one-sided trade deal.

K'Lk is satisfied with his Starfleet career up until this point, although the mystery of his origin often preoccupies his thoughts, especially in those times when he finds himself alone.
Service Record Starfleet Diplomatic Corps - Attaché
Starbase 34 - Diplomatic Aide
USS Adelaide - Diplomatic Officer
Starfleet Headquarters - Diplomatic Advisor