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Lieutenant Ollie Dreax

Name Ollie Dreax

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 30
Security Clearance Code
Security Code Alpha
Special Access Omega
Security Access Level Level 0

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Ollie isn’t a very imposing figure which suits him just fine. Of average height, he has a lean, dancer’s build, lacking any kind of threatening bulk. His thick, dark hair changes often, varying between closely-cropped military styles to fuller, more fashionable looking cuts. Black irises of the Betazoid people, while usually more warm and sympathetic towards others, are noticeably distant and guarded in his case. If his superiors allow it, or whenever he gets a chance, Ollie sports a short amount of facial hair as well; without it he thinks he looks way younger than he actually is.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Yovin Dreax
Mother Hwexia Drex, leader of the family business
Brother(s) Jevix Dreax, Aared Dreax
Sister(s) None
Other Family Numerous relations

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ollie has been through some rough times during his life in Intelligence and before. There’s been plenty of success to allow him to get this far, but also failure too, and pain. Carrying those weights alone has worked so far, more or less.

He’s extremely cautious, paranoid even, which might not be unsurprising for a spy, but the overly-careful way he approaches his job stands out. Ollie is a firm believer that the intelligence part of Intelligence work is the most important, and is what allows them to effectively head off potential conflicts with the least amount of force required. Highly protective of both fellow agents as well as assets, Ollie hates to gamble or take chances, preferring a slow and methodical approach that focuses on safety and security. While he’s capable and experienced in running dangerous and even violent ops, he feels that by the time the weapons come out the mission is already a bust.

His need for strong leadership also hints at some of the scars he carries. Commanders that are able to make the tough choices when the need arises, who recognise the dangers that he sees all around, that can share the burden of having to make questionable decisions for the greater good, will earn his fierce loyalty. Ollie finds it much harder to work with those that don’t understand what it's like to sacrifice or haven't needed to make the tough calls, finds it harder to relate to them. Professionally, Ollie is a dutiful officer if not the most inspiring leader for a crewperson assigned to his department, but still a valuable asset himself for a number of different mission profiles.

Ollie’s impressive telepathic talents present a constant moral dilemma for him, and sometimes his superiors too if they ever get tempted to use him. While he understands the importance of his own people’s rules of telepathic etiquette and that as a representative of the Federation he should uphold the law, in his area of work that line gets blurred often. When a telepathic interrogation can lead to time-critical information to save lives, a suggestion implanted in a target’s thinking that keeps them from noticing the infiltration team moving in, or the creative uses his superiors always seem to come up with for his powers, Ollie fights to find a balance between what is right and what is needed.

Getting to know Ollie personally is an exercise in frustration. He seems to take great pleasure in spinning tales about his past, especially the classified bits, creating elaborate stories to either make himself out to be some great hero or just as often a side character in some grander events. For those who might think to call Ollie a friend they come to understand that he's more than just a little superficial on the surface, but his lies are meant to entertain rather than offend anyone. One can more easily learn to see his regard and respect - or his disdain - through his actions rather than trying to guess when he's lying or not.

He obviously takes his duty to guard secrets very seriously. To learn something real about him, freely offered, is a sure sign of his esteem however. Ollie doesn’t admit much about his past before joining Starfleet either. There’s pain there, and like with all the other hurts he keeps trying to push through it alone.

Keeping secrets is all just part of the job.
Strengths & Weaknesses + A powerful telepath, Ollie has shown some telekinetic potential
+ Silver-tongued liar, persuasive, and charming
+ Surprisingly good dancer

- Paranoid to an eccentric fault, lazy spies don’t live long
- Isolated as he is it can be hard to trust, or be trusted in return
- Extremely hard on himself, Ollie carries a lot more guilt than he should, and easily finds ways to blame himself for any kind of failure
Ambitions Ollie’s focused on doing the best job that he’s capable of without much ego involved. Promotions, friendships, romance, dreams of command someday, sure, he thinks about it all, but he’s hesitant and slow to trust, slower to actually reach for these things.
Hobbies & Interests Given his new position at DTI, it will come as no surprise that Ollie brings with him already a deep love of history. He studies not just the important events of the past, the militaries and technologies of previous centuries, the wars and conflicts, but the cultures too, especially literature. A good time involves a hot, caffeinated drink, a comfortable couch, and a long book, preferably Cardassian epics, Betazoid crime novels, or Humanity’s Shakespeare. Staying in shape, keeping his skills and mind sharp, involves an ever-changing training regimen of exercise, simulations, and volunteering his free time to help other departments.

Personal History

Early Life

Ollie Dreax, son of Hwexia, was the third boy born to a family not quite blessed enough for daughters. Though not of noble heritage they were wealthy, his mother leading a vast family business with holdings and interests throughout Betazed and beyond. Ollie was born with the proverbial silver spoon, given every resource and opportunity to grow, learn, and better himself.

The plan of his mother had her youngest son learning perhaps less practical skills, but ones tied to Betazoid traditions and art, such as acting and dancing. She wished to groom him to someday marry him into one of the noble houses, thereby increasing their family’s prestige and influence. His older brothers along with his father were brilliant in their own rights, and focused on the logistics of their economic empire, often away for weeks at a time on transports and escorts.

Ollie didn’t have the experience of a life outside of his own to really consider any other way of living at first. With limited exposure to other ideas and choices he just went along with everything, an agreeable child. He took to dancing like a natural as a boy, studied his courses as a dutiful son, idolised his brothers when they returned, was definitely a daddy's boy, and seemed to be all his mother could have hoped for if the Divines couldn't grant her a daughter.

As is often the case conflict started when he reached his adolescence. The first problems arose when Hwexia began to present him to invited noble guests at their estates, or brought him along on to those mother was invited to herself. He’d dance, the matriarchs would talk while he was supposed to be quiet, then perhaps he'd dance some more. On occasion there were introductions to a girl usually a few years older than Ollie, and if things seemed to be going well by some measure he never understood, DNA samples were analyzed to ensure compatibility and the cultivation of desired traits. Ollie hated every minute of it, and that’s a hard thing to hide in a telepathic society.

He had no interest in girls, not in that way at least, especially not for an arranged marriage into a noble house where it would be his duty to sire daughters. That too was hard to hide, basically Ollie’s whole family finding out just as soon as he realised he was starting to look at his male classmates with some interest. The reactions were mixed, with Hwexia being the most disappointed, though she didn’t give up entirely in the hopes she’d find the “right girl for him”.

The next problem came from Ollie’s psionic awakening. As was normal in most cases he didn’t begin to develop telepathy until his teenage years, but from the first moment he could pick up a faint emotion, a stray thought, he took to it more naturally than he had to dancing. His tutors need only guide him once and the boy understood, his mind subtle and potent, and he quickly surpassed them. This of course made him even more valuable for marriage as the noble houses of Betazed had bred the strongest minds into their lines for thousands of years. Ollie’s potential was extraordinary, putting him among an elite handful of powerful telepaths seen in the last few decades.

Knowing just how prized he was led to a lot of rebellion on Ollie’s part, gave him a dangerous ego. Betazoid society was nominally egalitarian and free, but the power of tradition and the influence of family remained far more important to everyday life than on many other Federation worlds. He was more than just a pretty object to be displayed and used, and he set out to prove it in all the wrong ways. Ollie started acting out, used his telepathy to influence even Betazoids without their realising let alone alien visitors to Betazed, got into trouble, hung out with rough aliens instead of going to class, skipped meeting with his dance instructors or tutors, and most definitely didn't go to any more of his mother’s parties.

A charismatic Ocampa named Umoj, newly arrived from the Delta Quadrant and leader of a small criminal band, convinced a sixteen year-old Ollie to help him smuggle contraband through his family’s business. Ollie didn’t hesitate and managed to steal the security codes to some of the transport vessels they owned. Umoj and his team made off with a fortune from the arrangement and left the boy behind to take the fall predictably enough.

The outrage from his family was extreme when they found out he’d been arrested, the disappointed looks from his brothers hard to bear, his father’s sadness enough that Ollie cried. His mother’s anger though, that was something else entirely. She wasn’t upset about the lost profits, their business was too big to suffer much from one theft. No, she thought at him, it was the embarrassment, the shame he seemed insistent on bringing the whole family, his ingratitude for all he had, for all she had tried to give him. The fight between them was fierce, silent, a staring match and battle of minds, each showing the other how much they hurt.

Honesty, in this instance, didn’t bring them together but instead drove them apart. Despite protests from his brothers, his father’s tears, his mother left Ollie in jail to face criminal charges. He didn’t know his mother had planned on returning in a few days to save him from himself, to let him stew as punishment before calling in some favors, and wouldn’t find out until years later and any chance of reconciliation seemed impossible. From every comfort that power could bring to an uncertain and cold looking future in a Federation penal center wizened Ollie up quick, even before the spy came to pay him a visit in his cell.

Lieutenant Commander Leandro Sandros, Starfleet Intelligence, a mind-silent human living among a race of telepaths, and protecting them from harm with his counterintelligence division. The man was fascinating, handsome, dangerous, every bit as charming as Umoj had been, but genuine too. Starfleet kept an eye on powerful telepaths too, and Sandros laid out a rough sort of deal: they could see him prosecuted for the smuggling, and they could pin him to a number of other telepathic violations they had evidence for as well. The blow to his standing in Betazoid society was already bad enough from the criminal charges. Add in the telepathic violations and Ollie knew he would be ostracised forever, good genes be damned.

Or, Ollie could try something else. Sandros offered to see him acquitted of the crimes, while deleting the violations from the records right then, if the boy agreed to join a mentoring program on Earth for troubled but extraordinary, gifted children. Further, Ollie had to promise that he’d apply for Starfleet Academy if he made it through successfully, graduate that, and then serve for at least four years as a way to repay all the effort Sandros was offering. He shared his reasons, let the boy into his mind enough to see that this man truly believed in the potential good Ollie could do, saw himself in another's eyes that did see him as something more than just a pretty face or tradable object. It was more than enough and Ollie made a promise he had every intention of keeping, set the first step down a path to a life he never had imagined possible.

Into Starfleet

Earth was a huge change for Ollie, the culture of humanity far more open to diversity, more vibrant and alive in many ways from the ancient planet of his birth. Finishing his education was his main focus but there were counselors at the boarding school in London too that were a big part of his life. While there was little they could teach him about his powers, they certainly helped him learn to calm his mind and focus. The schools of Earth were every bit as good as Betazed’s famed universities, and Ollie proved to be a bright pupil with a facility for language and math. Soon enough he had confidence in his decision to come to Earth, and in himself being able to get through the ward program.

Not everything was so bright though. Ollie carried a lot of guilt from his actions at home and didn’t find it easy to establish new relationships even among the friendly and happy people of Earth. His tendency to isolate started here, taking to heart too much what people were actually thinking versus what they said and did. It was a hard adjustment, an alien way of life, to take people at this so-called ‘face value’ even when he thought he knew better at times.

Within two years Ollie had graduated from school, attended by then Commander Leandro Sandros. The man congratulated him with a hearty handshake one moment, and a letter of recommendation to allow Ollie to apply to the Academy the next moment. With no time off, no time to prepare for it, Ollie was whisked away from London to San Francisco, and tossed right into the entrance exam.

He failed two times before managing it, then stayed in town at his sponsor's place. Sandros drove him like some grinning demon after each failure to try harder. The spy put Ollie through his paces, made him get up before dawn to PT, spend hours at libraries to study text after text, more hours spent in PT in the afternoon, and frustrating late-night debates on everything from ethics and morality to the best work of Shakespeare. Any time he felt like quitting Sandros was there with his insistent smile and another set of pushups or math book ready to go. With the third try, a few months after Ollie’s eighteenth birthday, he was finally accepted into Starfleet Academy.

If he thought Sandros had driven him hard now Ollie learned the true meaning of hard work. Starfleet instructors were demanding, rigorous, expecting nothing but the best every single moment of every cadet there. Whatever remaining arrogance Ollie carried from his natural talents was soon put to rest here, as he learned that he was only one of many with the potential skills and intelligence to make it into Starfleet, if the training didn’t beat him first. Ollie loved it.

Though the training was hard he found ways to start to excel, accomplishments he felt he deserved to take credit for. Like his sponsor, Ollie went into the Intelligence track, and showed a talent for cryptolinguistics, military and civilian analysis, picked up self-defense courses quickly with his background in dance, and even started to make his first real friends albeit slowly. Ollie struggled with some aspects of training of course, especially leadership. Officers weren’t just expected to be good at their specialty but also at leading teams, and while on occasion Ollie did a good job it was plain that he preferred to follow another’s lead.

Graduation didn’t mean his education was at an end. Four years he’d promised, and he wasn’t surprised to find that he’d been assigned to Commander Sandros and Counterintelligence. By this time Sandros had moved towards the border with the Cardassians, overseeing Starfleet defensive operations, and Ollie was put to work. From studying images snapped by stealth satellites or long-range sensors, decoding transmissions, analyzing the ceaseless propaganda and media networks, it was a desk job and generally boring, but Ollie persevered and built a lasting friendship with his mentor as he learned.

Four years did see a number of exciting moments when the Cardassians inevitably tried and tested their defenses. From Ollie’s perspective, crunching the data and coming up with strategies, he didn’t see any action but was one part of a much larger force. It was fulfilling work, gave Ollie a sense of pride, but it never did feel like quite enough either. Sandros knew this, and quietly arranged for a transfer for him to another department when his four years was up. There had been no talk by then of Ollie leaving Starfleet, eight years in counting the Academy, as both men knew that he was going career.

Covert Operations

Ollie left Counterintelligence to train for one of the special ops divisions in Starfleet Intelligence next. This time it was the physical demands that were the hardest, working a desk job hadn’t done him any favours, and helped form the exercise and training routines he keeps to this day. Learning new skills such as infiltration skills, network hacking, and covert tactics was challenging too, but just the kind of excitement he’d been looking for. He joined the Black Knights SI squadron, and Ollie spent years on missions focusing on the Romulan Star Empire on a long-term effort named Operation Sanctity. His psionic talents especially would prove useful, and his background in thinking defensively, earning him the nickname Watchtower from his squad mates.

The plan from Starfleet Intelligence was a big one, involved hundreds of agents and assets, years of planning and secondary objectives, and a whole lot of soul searching from those involved. A small but influential group in the Star Empire had been caught trying to use illicit time travel technology in an effort to reshape the past, to prevent the Hobus Disaster from centuries before.

Ollie bonded with his team during these years and together numerous undercover missions into Romulan space. Real friendship was easy at last as he had no choice but to trust and rely on the other members of the squadron to pull off their objectives. Slowly they built up their network of sympathetic or easy manipulated Romulans, engaged in some acts of sabotage and even even assassination, did their part to bring SI ever closer to stopping the Empire. During their final mission one of their own team revealed himself to be a double-agent, murdered their leader and compromised the rest of them to the Tal’Shiar.

The extraction details of the survivors of the Black Knights are heavily classified to protect some of the deepest assets SI have in the Star Empire, but only Ollie and two others managed to make it back to Federation space alive and none of them are talking naturally. The overall operation was still a success though and Starfleet stopped the Romulans from such a drastic if understandable alteration of the timeline. Cleanup efforts both of the diplomatic type and of the timestream began.

The mission and everything it took and cost Ollie to survive was deeply traumatic, and even if he was allowed to talk about it he wouldn’t. The deepest wounds come from Operation Sanctity and his time with the Black Knights, the reasons for his paranoia and defensiveness, unable to share it with a counselor or his friends who had survived, anybody. His withdrawal into himself, his realisation this wasn't likely to be the last time he'd carry such a burden, was swift.

A few months recovery back on Betazed, that was the best Starfleet could figure to do. It was a way to get the agitated Betazoid out of the hospital, where worried complaints had been filed about how the lights flickered whenever Ollie got upset. They figured being around his own kind he could regain some control.

It was chance to see his brothers again, a bittersweet reunion that made him realise that his homeworld was no longer home. When he heard that his mother had always planned on helping him with all her influence and wealth, how she had legally disinherited him when he’d joined Starfleet, seeing the wary look in his brothers’ eyes and the caution to their thoughts, Ollie knew there was no going back. Home was the job.

Time Spy

He came to realise the threat posed by time travel to the Federation he had given his whole life over to defending, it seemed a natural next step to apply for a transfer to the Department of Temporal Investigations once his leave was over. The interviews were exhaustive, probing into every detail of his background, even those Ollie had thought buried or tried to forget. This was the most elite group he’d ever tried to join in his life, beyond nobility, or Starfleet, or even SpecOps. Who was he to think he had the skills or ability to defend something as important as the timeline itself, given his failures?

That’s a question Ollie is still trying to answer to this day. Apparently someone believed in him again, was willing to give him another chance, as he now serves in one of the coveted positions with DTI.
Service Record 3168: Born, Jalandra Falls, Betazed
3168 - 3184: Early education, Betazed
3184 - 3186: Mentorship program, London, Earth
3186 - 3190: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
3190 - 3194: Counterintelligence, Alpha Quadrant
3194 - 3198: Operation Sanctity, Romulan Star Empire
3198 - Present: Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Clepsydra