The Sim

The newest Wells-class to join Timefleet, the Clepsydra has seen more than it's fair share of action in the few months since it's commissioning.

Her primary duty is to protect the timelines from incursions and other threats by foreign powers. Armed with the latest technology, the Clepsydra is the most advanced Wells-class vessel in operation after receiving system overhaul and improvements to key components, putting her ahead of the other galactic powers for now.

Originally, the Clepsydra was assigned to Captain Keegan Winter, the youngest Captain to join Timefleet and with a perchance for unravelling the most complicated mysteries of time and space. This eager and bright-eyed officer was tasked with investigating rumours of the Borg Collective re-surfacing.

The investigation took the Clepsydra and her crew to the restricted Unicomplex in the Delta Quadrant, where they discovered that the rumours appeared to be true but there was more to the mystery.

Attempting to travel back to 1942, the Clepsydra suffered critical damage as the Temporal Transphasic Transwarp, known as the T3, drive exploded. Through luck and a hull that had not been weakened through years of stress the ship barely survived though with heavy casualties.

Repairs were long and the crew were suffering cabin fever, as resources were limited and they were nowhere that the ship could detect while the sensors were down. As investigations continued into the explosion that claimed many lives and almost destroyed the ship, it became clear that this was not an accident and the T3 and other key systems had been destroyed by carefully placed bombs.

As the crew laboured to repair as much of the damage as they could, a figure that had been known simply as 'The Guardian' made its appearance and explained that Winter was a traitor and had been the one to sabotage the vessel with the intention of destroying it. Before he could be apprehended, Captain Winter transported away and left the crew stranded in the void.

Assuming command, Myrkul Sharr set about using what little he had brought with him to get the ship in a minimal operational status. Eventually, with the hard work of the team, the ship managed to find its way to Keegan's known location, Earth in 1946. However, not everything appeared as it should.