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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description Deceit, treachery and murder, These are all things the Clepsydra has encountered in the past few weeks.

It is 17 December 1942; snow covers most cities in Europe, and the people go about their business like any other day. The actions on the front lines have little to no impact on the Third Reich’s capital; the city is decorated for Christmas. The flag of the Reich can be seen everywhere, that deep red cuts through the crisp, clean white of the snow, an imposing sight for any visitor. The crew of the Clepsydra have been tasked with finding Keegan Winter, the fugitive, and bring him in alive or dead while figuring out how they can undo the damage to the timeline.
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date 01/01/2019 @ 4:17pm

Mission Summary


Everything the Federation has been encountering over the past few years was a lie. The Borg were not coming back as rumoured, there were no fractures in time, but there had been theft of Borg technology. A faction dedicated to destroying the Temporal Accords and usurping the Federation’s dominance over the galactic stage sought to use the adaptive abilities of the Collective to gain a tactical edge and make them a force to be reckoned with.

At the heart of the deception was Captain Keegan Winter, not only the youngest Captain in Timefleet, but the one assigned to investigate the Collective at the Unicomplex. Using his position, he harvested materials and equipment from the Collective to further the cause he followed. A few of his crew had discovered the Captain’s treason, and in a flash, he was able to banish them from this dimension, lost in the ever expanding and intertwining web of reality.

The Clepsydra was getting to close to the truth and had to be stopped, the crew had discovered something they were not meant to, and this leads them to the trail of the unknown enemy. In an attempt to throw them off track the Captain had sabotaged his ship, he planned to destroy it and the evidence the crew had with them, but one of the explosive devices was faulty and failed to detonate in the chain reaction. Only by chance did the Clepsydra and the crew survive, though only just. Lost in time and space, the team fought to repair the ship and get home, and as sensors came back online, they found themselves in the void between the Milky Way and Andromeda, with little resources they had to be very careful and repair only the vital systems.

A ‘crewman’ well-placed comment to the Executive Officer put all the jumbled pieces of the puzzle together, quickly she scrambled a team to confront the Captain, they knew he was a traitor and had to be stopped.

As Keegan vanished from the bridge and leaving the crew stranded, the strange crewman who had supported Lieutenant Kita in Engineering and dropped those words in front of the Executive Officer revealed himself as the Guardian Admiral Danner had been eager to find. Using a personal device, he transported the ship to 1942, later than expected, and this, in turn, shorted the instrument.

The chase continued but the playing field was levelled.

The Plot
It is 1942 when the Clepsydra materialises in orbit around Earth. Something is different about the planet; the Third Reich is the dominant power having conquered the Allies late 1941. Its now immeasurable might struck at the heart of the American people swiftly bringing them to their knees and ending the war before it even began for them. Without hesitation, the Reich expanded throughout the continent and established itself as the real power in the west.

As things seemed to settle for the Third-Reich, its reign of supremacy at an all-time high, business and industry booming like never before. The demand for food grew exponentially, the Nazi regime in answer to this need drained the Mediterranian sea in a show of technological might and turned it into farmland to meet the demands of its growing population.

The Führer, while still in power, has become a recluse, leaving the administration of the Reich to his generals, and one stands out from the crowd. A young general that has risen through the ranks faster than any other, leading the way in the Reich’s technological advances and aggressive expansion of its borders.

As the year comes to a close in December, the news of Moscow falling to the Nazi Army spreads like wildfire, a message to those who would oppose the Reich.