Name Description
U.S.S. Clepsydra The Wells-class timeship was launched at some point in the 29th century. It was arrowhead-shaped and contained the starship components familiar from Starfleet starships of the 24th century but in a more compact and advanced arrangement. The hull had been specifically designed for time travel and featured carefully crafted temporal geometry contours. This design enabled the Wells class to protect the timeline. Although their mission was peaceful, vessels of the class were equipped with weapons. The bridge was located on top of the primary hull.

The Wells-class starships had been commissioned at the University of Copernicus by the Temporal Integrity Commission, as signified on their dedication plaques.

By the end of the 31st century, the Wells-class had gone through two major refits, each one improving on the last. The Mark III, the one the Clepsydra is, was launched in 3190 with the USS Meridian. The Mark III saw an increase in size due to the lower demand in the volume of vessels required by the Temporal Integrity Commission to police the timelines to a shift towards scientific study which required larger laboratories and facilities.
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