CO Log: 0001

Posted on Sat Jan 19th, 2019 @ 10:00am by Admiral Myrkul Sharr
Edited on Sat Jan 19th, 2019 @ 10:30am

Commanding Officers Log,
Stardate: Minus 377962.91,

The Clepsydra is currently in a critical, but stable, condition in orbit around Earth. We have determined it is the planets 1942, now 18th December.

This version of Earth is currently undergoing some radical changes, the power of the time is the Nationalist Party of the country Germany, also known as the Nazi Party. Dominating the planet’s populace under a regime that fits with historical events, though exaggerated.

Based off the limited scans, and calculations I have been making while the crew have worked hard to repair what they can, I have come to the daunting realisation that we are not just in a historical part of Earth’s history with some alterations, but a different version of the universe.
The scans have also concluded that this is a rare phenomenon; the universe has a temporal variance of 1.0228 and appears to be younger than others that we have encountered. Based on this information, I can only conclude at this time that we are in a pocket universe that splintered from another elder one, the moment we entered.

We are unable to determine any external impacts to any affected timeline; however, what I can say is the populace of this universe have no idea of its difference and rarity. I will continue research into this as I’ve only ever theorised of the existence of this splinter universe, and try to figure out how we can get out.

On Earth, Lieutenant Kita has been captured by a branch of the Nazi Military and is being transported to a secure facility for questioning. While this would not cause an issue under normal circumstances, the technology the traitor Keegan Winter has supplied is starting to interfere with our objectives.

I’ve asked the crew to focus on their jobs, repairing the ship and the senior staff to look at options for extraction of Kita and Winter.
Appears that my next appointment is here, we will see what the Executive Officer makes of these findings and what options she has come up with.

End Log.