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Posted on Sun Jun 23rd, 2019 @ 2:04pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Commander Ame Vovihl

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Starfleet Academy
Timeline: MD02

The Clepsydra had been home a few days, the repairs would take weeks to complete and the crew had been given the time to recover from the ordeal. They had been prioritised for counselling and rehabilitation where they needed it, however, Sharr had been enlisted back into service to work alongside Admiral Danner in running Timefleet. While she would remain part of the Joint Chief Staff, his experience would be invaluable to the Federation, the President had gone so far as to reinstate his position as a senior member of the Security Council. He had debriefed the Joint Chiefs, the President and the Federation Council on what had happened and the fate of the traitor, Winter. He had also debriefed the Joint Chiefs and the President on his concerns about the terrorist network, he believed it was far larger than they initially thought.

Now, however, he found himself walking through the Academy grounds. The Superintendent had asked him to speak to a class of cadets that had taken up Temporal Sciences, while he had little to talk about, he felt they would be asking the questions and leading the session.

The sky was clear, a perfect day and next to him were several cadets who had been ‘assigned’ to show him around. Even though he was very familiar with the grounds, he humoured them and engaged them in conversation, as they talked he had noticed a slightly framed young man who was more content being invisible and in the background than with the others, and naturally Sharr gravitated towards his soul, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name” he gestured for the young man to come forwards. The others moved out of the way, understanding the Admiral’s request.

The young man was around 161cm in height, very slight of frame with light mousy hair and a kind face, his uniform fell flat against him but there was something that Sharr saw in this individual, he tried to reply to the Admiral’s prompt but stuttered, “P…Paul” he finally replied, “It is nice to meet you, Paul. This is your first year in the Academy, no?” It was an obvious answer given the single bar on the cadet’s collar.

The group had a cadet from each of the years, the Fourth Year was a proud and bulky man with the Red Squadron pip, called Rex, as well as various other things on his uniform which was probably frowned upon, the other two were young ladies, the third year was a Betazoid and the second a Tellerite. They had dominated the conversations for most of the tour but it was now Paul’s turn to talk.

“Correct, Sir.”

“Like your peers, here, are you enjoying the Academy and the challenges it offers?”

“Y…yes, Sir” he stuttered with an obviously forced smile on his face, Sharr didn’t push it but Nunnevo, the Betazoid, looked at him, “I don’t think he is, Admiral” as she spoke the elder cadet nudged her in the side to shut her up, “You are too blunt, Nunnevo” he whispered. She muttered something in return and looked away. Sharr turned to them, “Thank you all, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. If you wouldn’t mind, I would like some time alone now, though I expect to see you all at dinner tonight?”

They agreed and looked a bit perplexed, it was unusual for a guest to dismiss their entourage so abruptly, but Sharr was never known for his subtlety, “Paul, stay a moment.”

The two talked for a moment, Sharr was casually checking on the young cadet as he was very quiet and he was concerned. He knew the Academy could be harsh, and even though the centuries there was still bullying - no matter how hard the faculty tried to stamp it out. Happy that he'd spoken to Paul he gestured that he should return to the others as he knew his way around better than most.

As soon as Paul returned, the Betazoid spoke up looking him over. "Why did the Admiral want to speak to you, Paul?" The woman spoke up softly but it was evident she was fishing for information. After all it wasn't every day that they had Sharr of all people in the Academy.

"I bet he told him that he wasn't suited for Temporal Sciences." Proud and bulky spoke up while the other woman stayed quiet. She didn't want to get involved in the bullying.

"Shut up" he stammered in annoyance, "At least I'm not a meat head" he retorted meekly trying to stand up for himself.

The man in question turned back around at the meathead comment and glared at him. "I really don't see why you are here." The man said simply as he started to walk closer to the first year cadet. If he could name call then he could accept the repercussions of naming calling.

"Starfleet needs people with brains for the future..." he tried to retort back, he had never been good at this but he needed to stand his ground, no matter what.

"Come on guys. We have all had a long day." The Tellerite second year said a second too late as the older man charged at Paul knocking him to the floor. Nunnevo and the other woman moved instantly to grab him back up to stop the scene that was about to happen.

Not too surprised by the actions of his elder peer, Paul looked around for options. The grounds were quiet as everyone would be in classes, only stray cadets or faculty were meandering around, and they were too engrossed in what they were doing to notice anything else, "typical, you c.c.can't win with w.words so you use violence?!" she spat. The situation was only going to escalate further, Paul had had enough and was now standing his ground and his opponent was not going to let this go, especially as he tried to be the Alpha male in front of the two women. The sexism had clearly not gone unnoticed and the looks of disgust couldn't be hidden.

A series of insults and threats were batted back and forth between the two men, the women trying to defuse the situation as they didn't want to let this ruin their time in the Academy, their record or the two guys who were just as bad as each other. Having enough, they called security and moved out of the way, but as they did Paul found himself on the floor again, this time from a punch to the jaw but no sooner had Paul fell to the floor, Rex found himself crying out in agony.

As his arm was twisted up his back in an unnatural way, a low deep voice whispered in his ear, "I thought bullying was beyond a member of Red Squadron" with his free hand Rex tried to assault the one causing so much pain, but this was futile, he found himself collapsing to his knees as pressure on his neck made him buckle. It was that or resist against something he realised could snap his bulky frame, "Bullying a fellow Cadet is unforgivable. You should be making friends and networking for the future, a network of allies you can call upon in times of need for support, not isolating those who intimidate you. Rex, you will lose your position on Red Squadron, I am assuring you of that."

Security had finally arrived and decided to detain all four of the cadets, as Rex was released and stood up he turned to see who his assailant was, in a pristine uniform Sharr stood glaring up at him, "Size is not important, young man. But your fate is now in the Commandants hands, and I hope that she is in a forgiving mood."

Each of them were escorted away for questioning on the situation, Sharr would give his own report later that day recalling the incident. How the women took the correct course of action and judged the situation accordingly, Rex initiating the harassment and then Paul finally snapping and escalating.


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