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Reporting for Duty

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2019 @ 6:24pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Admiral Whilemina Danner

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Timefleet HQ, San Fransisco, Earth
Timeline: An hour after arrival

Having had barely any time to get himself together, not that he needed much these days, Sharr found himself standing outside of the Admiral's office. Amused at the situation he allowed himself in, he smiled as the door opened and he was escorted through by Danner's aide.

Admiral Danner stood up to greet her guest and offered her hand, which was politely refused and met with a nod of approval, "Welcome, Myrkul, it is a pleasure" she started as she gestured to the chair in front of her desk. The office was typical of the military, very clean and devoid of anything personal. The desk was all metal without any embelishments, no images of Danner or her family adorned the empty spaces, though the odd PaDD could be seen laying around.

Gracefully he sat in the chair and leaned back, interested to see what she would try to get out of him. "I'm glad to see the Clepsydra made it home, congratulations to you on her survival."

"The crew did the work, not I. You should be crediting them with their ingenuity and resourcefulness"

She nodded in acknowledgement, "Of course, I will ensure they are appropriately rewarded for their service to the Federation. But that is not why you are here, not why I wanted this debriefing"

"Never is" he commented as she continued,

"Winter was not a suspect in the SFI investigations, however you rooted him out in a time and location that even we couldn't triangulate. A new timeline, in fact. I've read your report, Sharr, and if i'm honest, it looks a little too pre-meditated."

"It was" came his response, "I'd hunted that bastard down through more timelines than you can count, leading him to something that would put him to an end once and for all. I knew how, and where, but the when was by chance. He either escaped to another time, another dimension, and if I snuffed out his arrogant life another seemed to take its place. The Engines were the only way to stop him, all I needed to do was plant the seed and he did the rest, I just nudged him into my grand design one life at a time. His greed eventually did the rest."

He continued to explain the intricicies of the plan, the breadcrumbs he had left for Winter to find and how he'd managed to encourage external parties to play in with the design, Admiral Danner simply listened to him and how he explained it without any regret for what had happened.

"And the innocent lives, Sharr?" she finally asked bluntly, "how many innocent lives have been lost to this 'grand design' of yours?"

"Less than I calculated, Danner, and far less than Winter would have taken. To quote the immortal Vulcan proverb; The needs of the many..." she raised her hand to stop him, "Don't pull that card with me, what you did was immoral!" she expressed her disdain for his actions, even her cold demeanour couldn't hide how she truely felt.

"With your short lifespan, Danner, you are not seeing the larger picture, so I took the liberty of preparing a set of simulations to show you what would have happened if Winter had never been stopped, and I assure you, you will prefer my outcome. Now, if there is nothing else?"

He stood up to leave, "I never dismissed you!" she shot at him, "Like you could stop me, Whilemina. Now, I have a crew to tend do, and families to inform of their losses."

He casually exited the office, leaving the Timefleet Commander raging at his audacity. She commanded Timefleet, not him, and she was going to have to remind him of that, she through to herself as the door closed.


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