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Duty Shift

Posted on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 8:40pm by Commander Ame Vovihl & Lieutenant Jerimiah Isaacs & Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: MD 01 12:00

To say Ame was annoyed that she got watch duty the first day of shore leave would have been a lie. Any other officer might have been annoyed but the Executive Officer was excited by the prospect of all the people coming onboard to refit part of the ship that had been badly damaged in the last month since they were last there. It was fun to watch on the viewscreen the facility come into view and the familiar routine of docking.

Marcus was seated at the science console, running diagnostics on the systems. They had suffered fairly significant damage and the repairs had been extensive. Extensive repairs also meant extensive testing. Fortunately, everything seemed to be working as he would expect. "Commander Vovihl? The new sensor suite seems to be working as expected." He paused for a moment as something pinged up briefly on the screen. "Huh, we're picking up a low band EM signal. Could be a bug, I'll run it again."

"Hold that thought," Jerimaiah said as he entered the bridge. He took a look at the readings. "Before we run another diagnostic, let's try to triangulate where the signal is coming from. That may save us some time."

"I'll see what I can do." Marcus got to work clearing up the signal. "Huh, looks like a repeating pattern, combination of short and long pulses. I think... I think this might be an old earth communications code. It's coming in from extrasolar space, approaching at speed."

Isaacs stood there for about a minute and listened to the pattern. It took a moment and then it clicked. "This is Morse code. It was used to communicate across great distances in the nineteenth century and beyond on Earth. But the question is why isn't the UT translating it." Isaacs could identify Morse Code when he heard it, however, he had no idea how to translate it.

"It looks like the signal might be... out of phase?" Marcus suggested. "Like whatever's broadcasting might have been hit with a huge amount of chronoton radiation."

"Perhaps we can use the temporal transporter to transport the item to a location. Say right next to the ship. The transport should adjust the objects phase bringing it in line with ours. Which may clear up the transmission." Jerimiah was fairly certain he had the right of it. The object had also piqued his excitement.

Ame suddenly stood up from the Captain's chair. "I don't believe the transporters are 100% online," Ame said glancing at the operations officer on duty who nodded to confirm it.

"Sir..." A tellerite pipped up from the communication console. "I believe the morse code is backwards." He said sheepishly making Ame smile slightly as a bright flash of light appeared on the viewscreen making the Executive Officer shield her eyes.

"That's... the Tesla!" Marcus exclaimed as his old ship appeared from the eruption of light on the screen. His console lit up with warnings and notifications. There was a huge chunk of the port side of the science ship missing, and the hull around it was covered in scorch marks. "She's sustained massive damage, and there's all kinds of radiation coming off the hull, tachyons, chronoton haze, antiprotons and half a dozen more exotic particle emissions. That shouldn't even be possible."

"All stop Helm... Stop our manoeuvred into the dock." Ame called out automatically even as she couldn't see properly. It was the only thing that could be done whilst they were blinded and moving.

As the bright side faded Ame got a proper look at the damage on the other ship. "They look in a worse state than us." The woman murmured looking it over as she moved to Helm as they brought the ship to a halt before any damage could be done to the yard or Clepsydra. "Any signs of life? What is the communication from the shipyard about it."

"There's a lot of interference, but it looks like there are life signs on board." Marcus reported, acutely aware that it was his friends and former colleagues he was talking about. "It looks consistent with around two thirds of the crew. I wouldn't be confident about using the transporters to get people on or off the ship at the moment, what do you think Lieutenant Isaacs?"

"I concur. It would not be prudent to transport over. However, a shuttle containing a small boarding party might be in order." Jerimiah replied as he looked at the data. He turned to look at the XO after he finished speaking. "We may be able to translate the code as well."

"Yes, I believe Mister Khevaonn gave us a clue before the bright appeared. Backwards morse code." Ame looked at the pair. "Let me see the bio-signs." The woman said taking a PADD from where it had been chucked earlier. "No... I think they have what we know as time sickness." The woman said in Doctor mode seeing they had no bridge medical officer.

"It looks like the signal might be a generic distress signal." Marcus had been running it through a translation algorithm following the information. "No information on what happened to the Tesla. Commander, I'd like permission to go aboard with any rescue party."

"Do it. I will coordinate from here and get us into our own docking space." The woman said softly as she couldn't leave the ship to assist due to her being the Duty Officer for the watch. "Send the Dock Yard a message that we will assist them in search and rescue as we have nothing else to do until the Telsa is secured." She added as she saw a message flash across the PADD that all vessels had to half maneuvers in the area.

Jerimiah leaned over and spoke to his assistant. "I know this is your former vessel, and your friends. I will accompany you on the rescue party. It would be prudent to have someone impartial to bounce ideas off of when figuring out what is going on here."

"Take a damage control team with you," Ame commented on as she turned to talk to the hologram of the Dockyard Master who was waiting patiently to discuss the changing situation. It was lucky this had happened before they had docked as the second they were docked 75 percent of the crew were disembarking for shore leave or transfers.

Jerimiah smiled and pointed toward the door. "Shall we Lieutenant..." For the first time since arriving in this time Isaacs was genuinely excited. This was an old fashioned scientific mystery and that is what Jerimiah loved most.


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