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Lack Of Communication

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 5:07pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Lieutenant Jerimiah Isaacs & Ensign Lialli 'Alli' Fenruse

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Utopia Planitia, USS Clepsydra, Science Lab 1
Timeline: MD02 - 17:00

Alli held a PADD to her chest as she surveyed the last of the damage sections being taken out by drones and dockyard crew. It was such a shame to see a ship less than a month out of this very same dock back it for such extreme work. "So tell me again how this happened?" The Dock Master asked the Ensign.

"Timewave. Hit us really hard caused feedback of issues." Alli lied as per instructions from the new Captain and Executive Officer. No one must know about the Traitor Winter. The pretty blonde just smiled at the man until he walked away. Now she realised why she had been left to observe the dockyard, she was a distraction for them.

Jerimiah walked in and saw the Dock Master talking with Alli. "What do we have Ensign?"

"The Dock Yard have cleared the space to allow for the refitting of the holographic equipment Sir," Alli answered as she gave the Dockmaster another smile as the man nodded.

"I will get back to the office and give you a time frame for repairs Lieutenant." The man said to the Science Chief.

"Excellent thank you." Jerimiah said to the man. "Right Ensign so let's get to it." He said as he smiled at Lialli. He walked toward the equipment. There was nothing that Jerimiah liked better than a project. He also looked at it as a way to finally get acclimated to his new duties in this time.

"Only working holographic unit in the lab until the Dock Yard can get more onboard." The woman commented as she moved to where the only console on stood. Science had taken a bashing in the original bombing, killing most of the crew and destroying the labs.

"Right so one working computer is better than none. Perhaps we can get started cataloging the data from our time under Antartica." Jerimiah suggested.

"If that is what you want to do Sir." The woman said softly as she started to bring online the console properly activating the holographic display around them. "Computer lock the door." The request was acknowledged with a click of the door. "Cannot wait for her to be back onboard again." Alli would feel better when she knew the computer had a voice again. It felt worse because the familiar computer voice wasn't there.

"Ensign have you had a chance to review the data? I would be curious about your take on it with your expertise in history. It seems that quite a large number of cultures were represented there." Jerimiah was glad that he had Alli to help him go over this data. He would be happier when the ship was fully restored.

"I haven't had a chance with no science lab but from my own observation it was like someone had taken part of cultures that they liked and shook them up." The woman admitted. "The computer is still trying to order it. She's as confused as we are over it all." The woman patted the console tenderly.

"I have and idea, I hope you do not mind me bouncing some ideas off of you. As I review the data I find that it is more than coincidence that these cultures are represented. I think that this city could be the first city. Back when the Earth was one giant land mass. This could have been the only city on that land mass. Ideas from this culture could be what sparked the various cultures that we see represented." Jerimiah spoke with more and more excitement. The more he thought about it the more this discovery could change everything.

The hustle and bustle of the shipyard had always been a comfort to the Admiral, as he was escorted through to the walkway for the Clepsydra. He could always get lost in the crowd as nobody was looking for him or wanting to bother him. But this time, this time was different. He was looking for one of his staff for not answering hails and the security officers were clearing a path in front of him with remarkable efficiency.

It didn't take long before the doors to the Science lab slid open and a rather furious Admiral entered with his arms behind his back and a face that was roaring with thunder, "Ensign, Lieutenant" he greeted as he looked at them both, "Mr Isaacs, why have you not responded to the summons you were issued?"

Alli made a face as she had just been about to start into telling the man that it was an interesting concept but surely as this point, human culture was known where it came from. "Good Afternoon Sir." The woman said politely before offered a smile as the Dock Master came back into the science lab making Alli shut down the hologram instantly.

"He wouldn't have received a summon sir. You aren't connected to the network as of zero nine hundred this morning." The man said gruffly as he indicated at Alli knowing she would have started scans as soon as he left.

Jerimiah simply cocked his eyebrow, something had riled the Admiral up and apparently it was Jerimiah's turn in the barrel. "Sir my apologies I have been here the entire time cataloguing this fascinating data. No summons came to me, but I am at your service now. What can I do for you?"

Realising his anger would need to be directed to the useless dock crew and not his staff, Sharr simply nodded in acknowledgement, "Lieutenant, apologies. I am giving everyone until 18:00 to remove their entire belongings from the Clepsydra. A team of Enlisted personnel will help you move your things into storage until further notice, this will include any experiments or simulations you are currently running. I need the ship empty."

"Of course sir as you order. However, may I ask why?" Such an order is very unorthodox no matter what time one was in. It had Jerimiah's curiosity piqued.

"You may ask" came the response, but it left no room for misunderstanding that this was something that wouldn't be shared, "Liaise with the crewmen and organise the removal of all equipment and belongings. They will be stored securely and once the ship is ready they will be transported back. I also believe that all the crew should be on R&R?"

"Yes, sir," Alli answered as she turned to have a quiet conversation with the dockmaster. She had spent enough time talking to him since they have arrived this morning to build a repore leaving the two senior Officers to talk more. She would have lots to do to secure the data from the other universe let alone her quarters.

"Yes sir. As you command, we will see it done." Jerimiah replied to the Admiral as he began to save the data and his notes on the findings in Antarctica.


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