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Not A Everyday Even

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 8:18am by Commander Ame Vovihl & Ensign Lialli 'Alli' Fenruse & Lieutenant Jerimiah Isaacs & Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: USS Tesla
Timeline: MD 01 13:00

Ame listened to the hologram of the dockmaster who was stood on the bridge watching the rescue drones approach the distressed ships. "It isn't every day you have a ship turn up like this I guess?" Ame wondered.

"No Commander and not two as bad looking as you both look." He commented on wearily wondering what they had both gotten into.

Ame said nothing but flicked on the glasses she now wore to allow her to see through either drones or officers if they wore them. "How is it going, Lieutenants?" The woman asked seeing through whoever wore the glasses.

"The Tesla appears to be temporally stable," Marcus replied from the shuttle. "Power readings are still all over the place, but it looks like the engines are all powered down now. The shuttle bay looks intact, and we have access, so we're going to attempt docking. We'll relay comms through the shuttle, so we shouldn't have any issues there."

"I am detecting no obvious damage except for what would be expected from a ship that has traversed a time vortex. I am beginning the final approach to the Tesla. We will be in the Bay in less than one minute." Jerimiah replied from the pilot's chair.

Ame nodded before she realised only the other person wearing the would see the slight movement of her head. "Understood." The woman added for the men as the Dockmaster and herself watched the shuttle disappear out of site.

Marcus watched the sensor readings closely as they approached the stricken science ship. They were still picking up unusual, even contradictory data, particularly from the damaged area of the hull. He looked out of the window, trying to assess what he could see. To his untrained eye, it looked like an impact, but he didn't know what could cause that kind of damage.

The shuttle cruised in towards the shuttlebay, which was fortunately intact. They passed through the force field into the cavernous space, dimly illuminated by emergency lighting. Touching down in the centre of the room, Marcus double checked the atmospheric readings before opening the door. They stepped out, footsteps echoing in the eerie quiet.

Jerimiah began to scan the area. "If the rest of the ship is anything like the immediate area, then we have a ghost ship on our hands. As it stands right now the ship seems to be functioning normally just in a power save mode. As for the crew, I am not detecting signs of life. "

"We were getting weird data from the external scans, bit it looked like the crew were alive." Marcus didn't hide the confusion in his voice. "The damage is nowhere near the bridge, I suggest we take a look there first."

"Right... Lead the way Lieutenant. However, if the ship is in power save the bridge is going to be locked out. We are going to need a command override to activate it and find out what happened." Jerimiah replied as he feel into step next to Marcus.

"That is why you have me on call Lieutenant." The disembodied voice of the Executive Officer spoke up. Alli let out a small smile to the man as she activated the drones.

"Follow us in a circular pattern." She instructed the small orbs of light. The small orbs set out around the small group following the Ensign's instruction perfectly. "How long has it been since you were on here?" She wondered to Eriksson taking in the familiarness of the ship. For someone who had grown up on ships and bases it was an easy layout one that she knew by heart.

"It's been about three and a half months for me. I'm not sure how long they've been gone though, looks like it might be longer." One of the oddities of time travel was the capacity for a ship to be away for months and return just after they left.

The lack of any person living or dead made Isaacs a bit uneasy. The floating orbs and disembodied voice of the Commander did nothing to alleviate that unease. To the Science Officer things just didn't feel right, like in his bones something was out of place. For now Jerimiah kept his eyes peeled, his weapon at the ready, and his mouth shut.

"It's not far to the Bridge access," Marcus said, looking at the screen. "If we take this route, we can be there in a few minutes. There's backup power in those sections too, so we shouldn't get caught out."

The Tesla was in bad shape, and their journey to the bridge confirmed it. Not only were some sections functioning on low power, there were others that seemed to be experiencing a power surge, displays and consoles all active, cycling through data at an accelerated rate and at least one that looked like it was trying to resolve some kind of complex four dimensional equation. Fortunately though, they made it to the Bridge with relatively little difficultly, albeit avoiding the turbolifts.

As the door hissed open, everyone on the bridge turned towards the away team, with a couple of hands moving down to their weapons, clearly on edge. "Eriksson?" Asked a familiar voice from the centre of the room.

"Commander Varris?" Marcus recognised his former XO immediately. The El-Aurian looked a little worse for wear, his normally neat appearance marred by stubble the same greying colour as his hair, sleeves rolled up, collar unbuttoned. "What happened sir? Where's Captain Stevik?"

"Dead." Varris replied grimly. "I don't... we're still trying to work out what happened, the main computer was damaged and the data we have access to doesn't make much sense. It was a routine survey mission, nothing out of the ordinary, then out of nowhere, all of the telepaths started screaming, Stevik included..." He trailed off for a moment, Stevik had been calm, even for a Vulcan. "Then they all died, it looks like massive cerebral trauma. After that, all the sensors went crazy, proximity alerts, energy spikes across the EM spectrum, a chronoton surge like nothing I've ever seen. Something tore a hole through the universe, us included. Whatever it was came from somewhere outside our universe, maybe outside time even, then it was gone."

Jerimiah holstered his weapon as they arrived on the bridge. He stood stoically taking notes as Marcus spoke with his old XO. "Something like that... Is it possible that this ship encountered the first ever time bourne entity. A living being that exists in the time stream. That would explain the overload to the telepath's brains as well as the severe damage to the ship. I think a prudent first step would be to download all of the Tesla's logs and check the readings at the time of the incursion."

"That's a viable theory." Varris replied. The El Aurian was a veteran of multiple fleets, having spent his life amongst the stars. He had seen and done more in his long life than most sentients could imagine, but he looked haunted by the encounter. "The volume of data we got from the encounter suggests that it fractured the timestream. Some of the analyses we've managed despite the damage makes it look like the collision lasted hours rather than seconds."

Marcus rubbed his eyes, this was a lot to take in. "How long did it take you to get back here?"

Varris frowned, trying to remember. "It's been..." He glanced around the Bridge.

"About five months since the collision sir." A young ensign offered from ops.

"You've lost a couple of months." Marcus said. One of the peculiarities of time travel was that things didn't always sync up, especially when things went wrong. "How many casualties?"

"All of the telepaths, and a handful more from the collision." Varris replied sadly. "22 in total."

"The XO wants an update, Sir." Alli held out the glasses she had been wearing to Marcus with an apologetic expression on her face. She had been updating the Officer who was monitoring them but the Executive Officer was pretty insistent she wanted to talk to the Lieutenant herself. "Um... I'm half telepathic... Am I safe?" The woman worried looking around concerned. Would just be her luck if something happened now.

"If you were going to be affected, you'd know about by now." Marcus reassured her. "If the creature was indeed a natural fourth dimensional traveller then we're away from it in terms of time and space now, don't worry."

The young science officer donned the glasses and reported to the XO. "Commander, the Tesla has sustained heavy damage and significant casualties, including the Captain, from an encounter with what we think might be a higher dimensional creature of some kind. The ship is temporally stable and I don't think we're going to see any further effects, the incident was some time ago for them."

“I understand Lieutenant. Can we keep that part to ourselves for now about the lifeform? I have asked Fenruse to try and get the communication easier.” Alli held up her thumbs as she moved across the bridge to try and get access to their communication console and open the lines of communication easier. It took a few moments but the Bridge of the Clepsydra finally appeared on the view screen faints. Ame glanced at the Dock Master and the man shrugged. It was a very odd day in his opinion but it seemed to the Executive Officer it was just another time.

“It is good to see you Command Varris,” Ame said taking in the state of the Bridge. What were the odds of two ships arriving at the same time both so badly damaged? “We are less damaged than you just about and we are going to get you safely docked with the shipyards assistance to allow medical help and safe passage of your crew.”

"Thank you Commander, it's very much appreciated." Varris sounded weary, even for a being as old as he was, the experience seemed to have aged him.

Jerimiah turned toward the viewscreen. "Commander Vovihl, with your permission I would like to copy the Tesla's logs over to the Clepsydra. The computers on the Syd will allow me to examine the data more thoroughly and ascertain exactly what we are dealing with."

"I believe that will be down to the crew that is there at the moment and whether they want the assistance Lieutenant," Ame commented on gently. He was eager but it would be down to the Telsa crew to organise when they were ready. She wasn't going to step on their toes when they seemed to have survived well on there own.

"I appreciate the offer Lieutenant." Varris began. "But our systems haven't even fully processed the data that was dumped onto them yet, it's fragmented and a lot of it doesn't make sense. I don't think we'll be able to transfer anything for some time, at least until we restore a significant amount of the computer core's processing capacity."

"That will be down to me Commander. Do not worry. We will have you nice and safe in a yard soon enough." The Dock Master called out from behind Ame making the woman turn on the view screen and levelled him a look around shouting like he had before she turned back to the other Bridge.

"Commander, we'll, uh, make some arrangements with the crew of the Tesla." Marcus suggested. It would appear they were going to have some issues with the bureaucracy, which he didn't really want to get dragged into. "We'll let you know if anything come up."

"Good." Ame nodded on the screen, her mind was going the same place as Marcus'. Still shooting the dockmaster glares at the yelling on the Bridge. "Try and get back as soon as possible. Clepsydra out." Ame said cutting the connection now she knew the team were safe.


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