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Timeline Analysis (part 1)

Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 5:58pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Commander Ame Vovihl
Edited on on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 5:59pm

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Temporary Office, Greenwich, UK, Earth
Timeline: MD02 - Time: 09:00 BST
Tags: Federation Day, Temporal Data, Reporting in, Timeline comparison, Shore Leave,

Sharr had settled into his temporary office at the Department of Temporal Integrity, formally the Department of Temporal Investigations until the need for a more established defence of the timelines had become a priority for the Federation. The DTI had become a division within Integrity, still playing a vital role in Intelligence gathering and providing tactical data on any temporal incursions or anomalies that cropped up. Investigations were to Integrity as Starfleet Intelligence was to the Federation.

Greenwich remained the DTI's primary HQ since its inception hundreds of years ago. The Greenwich Prime Meridian had been set as Earth's standard by a world committee in 1884 and had subsequently found itself to be the heart of the Federation's timekeeping. The Royal Greenwich Observatory and surrounding buildings had become the very epicentre of the DTI and all of Greenwich was given to it to serve as a home for its staff, visitors and the like.

The large townhouses acted as the visible offices to the rest of the world, but deep beneath lay a vast network of laboratories, vaults and various utility rooms and experiments under the tightest security outside the Federation HQ in Paris. Outside, in Greenwich park, could be seen an amalgamation of Civilian, Starfleet and various aspects of the DTI staff, they enjoyed the view, the almost unchanged architecture reminding people of the very centre of the Federation's concept of time.

Commander Vovihl had been summoned to the temporary office and residence at Rangers House, formerly a historical site but converted to house Departmental VIPs in the late 2500s at the then Director's insistence. There were a lot of things that needed to be discussed and he had asked her for a report on the current status of their natural timeline. He needed to compare this against the shielded records.

Meandering into the courtyard that overlooked the parkland, Ame decided to take the weight off her aching limbs for a moment. It would serve her right for not sleeping right last night after the events in the Dockyard. She sat in a seat close to the railing and felt the warm wind trickle across her face. She never liked planets, still, there was nothing quite like the sensation of a real breeze, the scent of a real atmosphere. She glanced up at the old-fashioned chronometer and realised she had mere moments before her meeting would start. She glanced back at the skyline.

In the distance the prominent view of London obscured much of the blue sky, Ame was certain it was one of those wonders containing much spiritual significance to Londoners through the ages. It might be just another day for them all, not one of them knew that everything had been changed in seconds thanks to Winter and his cohorts.

She nodded to another officer as the man came out the door she was going through. It wasn’t often she came here if she could help it but being summoned there was unnerving especially when the conversation could have happened on the ship. Ame pressed the door chime and listened for the voice telling her to come in, “Good Morning Admiral.” She said politely stepping inside looking around.

The Commander had arrived on time, and was very direct when she came through the door. Sharr gestured to the seat in front of him, “Take a seat, Commmander, we have much to discuss.”

He waited for her to get comfortable before he started, “Based on your return to Earth, you will have noticed some major changes. I asked you to generate a report based around your observations, what have you found that varies from your own recollection, Ame?”

Ame didn't get as comfortable as she would have liked as the conversation was quite serious. "I will start with our ship. 65% of the crew are not who was on our ship before we left, between what happened with Winter and the changes when we came back we are lucky that we have anyone left. We are missing senior crew in the form of Chief Operations Officer, Chief Counsellor, Chief Flight Control Officer, Chief Intelligence Officer, Chief Medical Officer... Sorry about that, Chief Strategic Operations Officer and..." The woman paused softly as she thought about the man who had held the position. "Chief Security Officer... We have no one, Sir." The list was extensive in the woman's opinion.

Sharr nodded as she gave him the report about the missing people, “sounds as if our timeline had more entropy than the one they originated from. I suppose, simply put, they merged into the mass timeline and the whole thing will have been a brief blip. Just don’t let the lecturers know I simplified it, I’ll never hear the last of it. But there is a positive, they will exist in their own right, but depending on the major event that changed their existence, depends on where they could be now. I wouldn’t spend too much effort in tracking them down; you will do more harm to them, and to yourself if you do.” He moved a few things around on the desk in front of him; he hadn’t carried much to the temporary office, but various aides had seen fit to leave bits of technology everywhere and forwarding reports, instead of allowing him to access it via his terminal.

Ame paused as she pretended to look at the PADD she carried when he mentioned the harm looking for people could do. Did he know that she had been looking for people or did he just assume that everyone would when faced with a situation like this search out people to see how they faired? "I ... I guess you are right Sir." The woman stuttered through thrown for a moment.

“There is a positive, however. The Syd has been assessed and the Federation Council has agreed to retrofit her to a Mark 3 with all the modern perks, as she was classified as a Mark 2 from the 2980s design. What else have you identified?”

This was where Ame felt the man was either going to take it well or get a little angsty and wreck shore leave for her. “Well… There are quite a lot of temporal incursions or anomalies. NX Atlantis in this timeline never made it to Xindi and spent 150 years travelling back to Earth, The Elysium class is no longer called that but Odyssey-class with some modifications seems a ship crashed into the shipyard whilst it was in development and allowed them more time to think on things.” Ame smirked a little but it was covered by her glancing out the window for a moment. “I cannot count the number of incursions that your old vessel in this new timeline has caused Sir."

The doctor didn't want to think ill of the dead but the same vessels kept appearing as trouble makers. "Your replacement didn’t keep her out of trouble in the slightest. I could name more, SS Mary Rose ended up at the beginning of its time stream with its 2246 self, USS Sarek ended up in the time of the first witch hunts back on Earth. Megan DuBois was involved in a transporter accident when the beam went through a tachyon eddy. It left her permanently 16 years old, I dread to think if the woman is still alive. The list goes on and on… do you need me to continue?” She had a few more offering for him if he wanted to know more, they were the biggest ones she had found with only a few hours notice.

For a moment he paused and thought about what she said, "Those seem correct. Pardon the pun, Commander, but it's about time this got corrected." He stood from his chair and glanced out of the window, as he turned back a serious expression had taken root, "I doubt you will know any different, but you will now feel it. This is the one, the timestream, that is referred to as 'Prime.' The timeline that every other one and alternate realities weaves around. Splitting away from and merging back in, sometimes they are great leaps and some are so minute you would never know. It is like a free-floating river with tributaries and lakes orbiting and constantly changing. We established this as the Prime because we can see beyond it, see the timelines writhe and flay like tendrils on an oceanic beast around the larger mass, our Prime.

Ame frowned a little as she listened to the man stream off that this timeline was the one that was always meant to be. How could she have lived so long it the old one? She could remember it or would it start to fade and she would remember the people no longer here less and less until they were just figments of her imagination.

"Everything you have described, Ame, everything that you have on your list has already happened and will happen again. Sometimes there are things we need to watch out for, those new events that amalgamate or pierce into ours, or forces that try to interfere with the natural happenings and life of another timeline." He walked around to the front of the desk and leaned against it, "I'm sure you might have spotted some changes too, Timefleet no longer exists in the form you knew. The Department of Temporal Integrity became the primary branch of the Federation to look after all of those affairs, and the sub-branch of Temporal Investigation which was the former name of the Department, become the Intelligence gathering. Of which, I would like to report, the Clepsydra has been assigned as its Flagship and I am taking the position as Deputy Director of the DTI, and heading Investigations. Admiral Danner, the bitch, will still remain Director."

"I guessed as much that there were changes. The deputy director on the door told me that." Ame indicated the door. "But will these changes seem... solid to me eventually?" The woman asked her burning question. "Everything that was normal before will it be forgotten and this new timeline and people become almost normal to me?" She wondered.

"You will be fine, Ame. You will remember everything from both periods, and the DTI have specialist counsellors in place to help you should you need them. Think of it this way, there was a moment in your natural history where the timeline split and for whatever reason, regardless of what it is" he waved his hand and dismissed it away, "you are here, you remember that timeline as it was your primary. Things here will immediately feel strange, but they will soon become the norm and feel as though they are right. Take a leaf out of my extensive book, do not worry about the little things. You will go mad before they start to make sense, as often they don't as nobody can truly see the overall picture.

"Now, enough of these changes, how are preparations for the Federation Day Festivities and are the crew enjoying their R&R?"

To be continued...


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