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Timeline Analysis (part 2)

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 5:07pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Commander Ame Vovihl

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: DTI HQ, Greenwich, UK, Earth
Timeline: MD02 - Time: 09:30 BST

Ame took a deep breath before she smiled slightly, Federation Day was one of her favourite holidays. It was always full of fireworks, food and sometimes a swanky event like the one that they had been invited to. “Well, the thirty Officers not put out to the rest of the fleet have received there invites to the events from Lera Vorah.” The woman had no opinion on the President but it was surprising to have one as young as President Vorah. Maybe they just wanted to see something pretty on the television? “They are fully aware of what is expected of them from decorum and clothing. Are you ready for Federation Day?” She added so there was no mistake on what had been sent to everyone. Ame wasn’t having anyone letting them down after the events that had happened.

In answer to her question he simply rattled his tumbler which was full of ice and Romulan Ale. A soothing clinking sound provided all the information she really needed from him, "I'll manage" he eventually said aloud, "I'm sure the crew will do well for these 'celebrations'" he stood up and looked around the room, "Shall we get out of the stuffy office, I'm sure you are eager to see the grounds and the compound below?"

"I am intrigued by what lies below and to refresh myself with this time." Ame shrugged but rose from her seat. One of these days she was pretty sure that his tumbler would be the cause of a very bad situation. It was unnerving to be from this time yet so unsure of what she was facing, things had changed so much.

"I can imagine, they don't let just anyone wander around these days. Besides, I am sure one of the specialists will want to talk to you about your current situation. Be able to provide more support than I will be able too." He lead the way to the park, engaging in idle chatter as they moved through the various people from across the Federation. A mix of Starfleet and civilians took in the sights, but someone had laid eyes upon Sharr and had instantly recognised him.

"Sharr!" came an angry shout from behind a small crowd, a taller Ensign came right up to Sharr with a face like thunder, "Why? Why are you still alive?" he demanded. Sharr said nothing and looked at the Ensign, the silence riled the younger man up further, "Because of you I'm stuck here! Stuck in this place without friends, or any of my family!"

"I sympathise with you, Ensign. However, I cannot imagine anything I did directly caused you to be stuck here. You are alive and if you were not meant..."

"Don't give me that bullshit! I shouldn't be here, I need to be back in my time, with my family, with my wife and I am not because of you and your stupid lack of compassion!"

"Ensign, you will need to either get to the point or get over it. I have things to do."

"In 2408 you ordered the USSMars to engage a Tal'Shiar vessel knowing that help was too far away. The Mars was destroyed and its burning hull crashed into the planet below destroying the colony killing my family!"

For a moment the Admiral stood and stared into the depths of the mans soul, finally he spoke calm and collected, "Ensign. I gave the order for the Mars to engage the IRW Sien as it was an experimental timeship with orders to destroy the colony before it was established. The Mars destroyed the Romulan vessel at an eventual cost to their own lives, however, contrary to the report, it was the hull of the Sien that hurtled towards the planet, it's experimental core still intact. The impact of the hull triggered a catastrophic temporal explosion, the Mars was able to localise the blast to the planet and not to the sector, but it cost them their lives."

"You still gave the order!" he roared, almost blind with rage.

Having enough of this Sharr shook his head, "Enough, Ensign. The loss of the colony was tragic at the time, and I understand your loss. But you need to get on with your life"

"Who do you think you are? You are just a washed-up relic from a prehistoric time that nobody wants."

Sharr shot a deathly look at the displaced cadet, with a swift and direct movement they were now nose to nose. A deep, cold and unnatural growl rose from the Admiral, "Ensign, never presume that you are wanted, as the next time you speak out of turn I will slap you back to your natural timeline"

"Enough gentlemen." It took a moment for the shock to wear off of Ame and she made a few sounds before she just straight up moved in front of the Ensign as she saw him looking ready to trade blows. It was an effective move as the man refused to hit the Commander. She faced Sharr giving him the pointed look that he needed to move on just as much as the fired-up younger Officer before this turned into something more than heated words. "I'll catch up." She told the Admiral. Letting out a small chuckle of amusement Sharr nodded, "Don't waste too much time, Commander" he said as he headed off, not doubting someone had called Security and he'd need to order them away.

She turned to the Ensign and grabbed his arm tugging him a few paces away had a few quiet words before the man huffed off.

When the Commander finally caught up, Sharr had already dismissed the expected security response. It was the Federation Police that turned up and not Starfleet Security. They'd asked about the situation and Sharr played it down, just a few heated words during a discussion over a historical event, nothing that would need their attention. They'd taken the Admiral's word and moved along, even ignoring the fact he was walking with a, now empty, tumbler in his hand.

"Glad you could join me on this stroll, Commander. What took you so long?"

"Some kind words." The normal indifferent woman commented on as she glanced to where the Police were already strolling off. Sometimes people just needed to know that people understood the situation or at least had enough empathy to relate. “Shall we carry on? I burn in this type of heat and would hate to have to report to someone that I was silly enough to get burnt.” She wondered looking at the empty tumbler trying to move things on herself. The man truly had no shame in walking around with it.

“It will rain shortly” he commented as he glanced into the western horizon, “We need to go through the Observatory and past security, once done we’ll cover the basics of what we will be doing. It will be beneficial for you to see the Facility and ask questions to the specialists.”

It was only a short walk from his office to the Observatory itself, the building had been well preserved and had never changed after it was listed as a protected site after the third world war. Once the site had been a tourist destination, but now it was a place for students and officials. The park, however, remained open to the public. Sharr walked through the door directly under the Prime Meridian, knowing Admiral Danner was directly above him as the Director of the department. He ushered his companion through the security checkpoint and both were cleared to descend into the lower hub.

Ame glanced around unsure where the rain would be coming through but it seemed a shame when the day seemed so beautiful. She followed quietly not really sure what to expect at all from the facility or the specialists. Nothing was the same anymore and it was unnerving her, to say the least. She didn't know where the next change was going to come from. "Where to first?"


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