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DH - Post (Kita)

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 5:06pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Lieutenant Tadeo Kita

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Greenwich
Timeline: MD02 - 13:00

Ame had not long left the facility after her tour and debrief from Sharr, he'd decided to take a slow walk back to the office just outside of the Greenwich Park as it started to rain. Within minutes it had gone from a light shower to torrential downpour.

Entering the building his Aide handed him a towel so he could dry himself off, then passed him a glass full of Romulan Ale as he entered his private Office, "Admiral, Lieutenant Kita will be arriving a few moments, shall I send him straight in?"

"Yes, Beatrix, send him straight through."

As expected, it would not take long for Tadeo to arrive at the Admiral's private office. Or at least, the building of said private office. The escort was a nice touch, but to the engineer (who came bundled up in his Starfleet issue jacket), he would have much rather just stay on the colony.

He frowned at the door he was set in front of, sighing to himself as he pressed the button, waiting for the usual beckons before striding into the office itself. As he did, he took one look at Sharr, setting a stoic expression on his face before he gave a curt, silent nod. "You wished to speak with me?"

"Mr Kita, yes. Please, take a seat" he said offering it as the door slowly closed behind the Engineer, "There are a few things that you will need to know about. Firstly, I need you to ensure that every one of your staff and every personal item is removed from the Clepsydra by the end of the day. Secondly, when everything is ready to go, I will need you to liaise with the DTI Engineers to ensure that you are fully up to speed on the additional sensors and tech that will be available to you."

At this, Tadeo seemed hesitant. This did seem to come out of the blue, but whatever reasons the Admiral seemed to have.... He would deal with it later. Until then, there didn't seem to be a point to asking or appeasing his curiosity. "Yessir." was all he said, expression barren of any emotional reaction.

"Last few things; the festivities for Federation Day are tonight, I trust that you'll be attending. After that, I expect everyone to get some rest and time to themselves before we disembark once more."

Tadeo squinted. He actually had no plans to attend, pointedly keeping to himself about any memos he was receiving on the subject. But he figured he wasn't the only one who was doing that. Oh well. "Mm. Anything else I should note, Sir?"

"No, Lieutenant. I want to ensure everyone is briefed personally with updates. Specialists from the DTI may be in contact to ensure that you are intergrating into this timeline well. The one you all came from, the one you'll remember taking on the position on the Clepsydra was a deviant and has now merged back with the Primary. They will also be on hand to answer all questions you may have. Have you any updates for me?"

"That explains why no one answered my call..." Tadeo murmured, crossing his arms against his chest. "No, Sir. Nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing any of my reports wouldn't give. Everything's working, nothing's going to break unless the upgrade crew decides to fiddle with things, or unless we have another run-in we don't see coming... which I suppose is highly possible. Otherwise, everything is as expected."

"Excellent. I'll be forwarding on specifications for you to get familiar with within the next day or so, other than that, feel free to enjoy the time as you see fit. The Quatermaster will be in touch with a return to duty date, thank you for coming, Lieutenant."

The Engineer stood from his seat and gave the traditional acknowledgement to a senior officer and then left, Sharr checked his list and he only had a few staff to brief today so he was in a better mood than he expected.


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