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DH - Post (Eriksson)

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 5:06pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Greenwich
Timeline: MD02 - 13:30
Tags: promotion, science split, sciences, department head,

Kita had not long left after being debriefed, Sharr looked to the clock on the wall and sighed, "Only thirty officers left."
Pouring another drink the door opened, "Welcome, Lieutenant, please take a seat"

"Thank you sir." Marcus said with a polite smile. This kind of debrief was to be expected when a temporal mission went sideways, and their previous assignment had done so on a fairly epic scale. Usually, the waiting was the worst part of these meetings, and at least that was over.

"There are only a few points, so I will keep this brief for you" Sharr said as he stood from his chair and poured himself, and his officer, a drink, "First, I am giving everyone until 18:00 to remove their personal belongings and anything else from the Clepsydra. Whatever remains will, I'm afraid, but unobtainable for quite some time" handing Eriksson the drink he sat back down, "Secondly, I am sure you have noticed vast differences between the timeline we left to the one we returned too, and I know you will have questions. They will be answered, but let me assure you this is the way it is meant to be. We are truely part of the Prime, though I am sure I do not need to tell you what this entails and why we are here."

"Finally, I'm promoting you to Science Chief to oversee the split Science division aboard the ship. You will head everything specific to the DTI, while Isaacs will oversee Starfleet specific. I am sure you are more than capable of running the Department without an issue and your file shows you have the key skills that I need."

Sharr went on to explain how the Science Departments had split, from Starfleet to DTI specific requirements aboard the ship, about the department positions each would have an the boundries between the two, "with this, it is my honour to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant and give you the keys to your new domain." A smile found its way to Sharr's face as he gently pushed forward the little box that contained the upgraded rank pip.

"Wow, that's... a lot." Marcus said, flipping open the box. "Thank you Admiral, I appreciate your confidence in me. I won't let you down. There's, uh, a lot to be done since we got back."

"There is, however, everyone should be relaxing and taking time to themselves. Short of removing any personal items from the ship, I really don't want you to be doing anything related to your job. Spend time with friends, family, doing things that you would prefer to be doing."

"I'll take some time for myself sir." Marcus wasn't entirely sure he believed himself when he said that. "But I'll need to brush up on my temporal physics just a little. I'd like to be in the best possible shape when we set off on our next mission."

"You have a few weeks, Lieutenant. Get some rest, enjoy the facilities here at the complex and enjoy the festivities. You will have more than enough to learn when you return to duty. Now, go enjoy yourself. Dismissed."

"Uh, thanks Admiral." Marcus stood, nodding to his commanding officer, taking the rank insignia with him. He wasn't quite sure what he had been expecting from this meeting, but it was safe to say it hadn't been a promotion and his own department. His mind raced at the possibilities, and the projects he would be able to commit resources to now.


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