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Let the fun begin

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 5:09pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Commander Ame Vovihl & Lieutenant Tadeo Kita & Lieutenant Jerimiah Isaacs & Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: San Fransisco, Earth
Timeline: 11 October, 18:00 local time, a Tuesday.

Federation Day. A formal Federation public holiday that celebrates the founding of the Federation and the prosperity of the union throughout it's history.

This year, the crew of the Clepsydra had been invited as guests by the office of President (name) for their work and sacrifices along with the families of those who had lost their lives and never returned. Sharr was standing with his colleague, Admiral Danner as they discussed meaningless aspects of the Fleet operations and deployment and various other useless conversation pieces. He'd gone so far to issue an order to the nearest Ensign that they would lose they sponsorship to Starfleet Academy if his glass ever emptied, they had done a good job within the half hour he'd been there.

"That was not nice," Ame whispered to Sharr as she flipped up to the Admiral to say that she was actually there and was offered a glass of rose wine. The woman took the glass and sipped it as she looked through the crowd to see if there was anyone else familiar. The dress she wore left shoulders mostly uncovered and flowed down into a modest neckline. The stilettos, gorgeous on their own were an ideal match in combination with the dress. It was a snug fit which gave the dress a classy and polished look especially as it was a bright colour and not at all what the woman would have picked for herself if she had been given the choice.

Jerimiah had not been at Starfleet HQ in some time. So it was an exceptional treat to be there now. He wore his dress uniform and was comforted to find out that the bartender could make a descent Old Fashioned. He took his drink and began to take a look around. Since arriving in this time Isaacs had not had a chance to make many friends. Perhaps this was just the thing to change that. However, for now he simply wanted to get a feel for the room.

Marcus wasn't usually one for parties and this was no exception. He would much rather have been in his lab, there was always work to be done. But it was implied that an event like this was not as optional as it first seemed. He'd acquired a fruity drink with an umbrella in it, which he now worried looked a little out of place as he looked for familiar faces.

Ame saw through the crowd both of the Science Officers and offered a wave to indicate they could join her if they wished. She wanted someone other than the Admiral close by as he seemed to be in an 'interesting' mood.

Much like his fellow compatriots, Tadeo had arrived to the scene less than enthused about the idea of a party. He stubbornly wore his Starfleet dress uniform, despite being told on multiple occasions that that wasn't necessary. But his presence didn't feel necessary. His family sorely missed him back at home, and he was sure their various attempts at nosing into their ancestor's business was doing wonders for the former Chief's psyche. As he made his way over, he pulled a glass off of a tray full of what he assumed was some sort of alcoholic beverage, depositing himself next to the Commander and making a point of giving her a 'why am I here?' look.

Ame smiled at the men who soon joined the small group making it easier to create some small talk and saved the Admiral from Ame going into just because he was old he didn't need to act rude speech she was starting to get good at the spill. "So have you all been enjoying your shore leave now that we have been kicked off the ship?" The woman wondered. She hadn't really done much herself apart from catching up with a few people and sleep. This was the biggest thing she had done since the order to report to Greenwich had happened.

Jerimiah grumbled softly. "In truth Commander, I would rather be aboard the ship examining data and working on experiments. But orders are orders..." His voice trailed off before he started to ramble.

"You know," Tadeo leaned over to the scientist, shrugging. "There are other places to examine data and experiment that aren't on the ship. Some of them just... aren't as conventional as others. That's all." Of the scientists he knew, there were a few that most definitely had their methods and ways, no matter what situation they were in. "It's only science if you record it, right?"

"Well I for one have enjoyed my rest and relaxation," Ame said thinking after the chaos that they had been going through first with Winter blowing up the ship and then the Nazi universe he created it had been nice to not have to worry about what was going around the corner. "What has everyone been up too?" She asked bringing the conversation back to some positive stuff after all it was a party.

With an unapologetic tone, Tadeo deadpanned out a response. "Trying to acclimate to the fact that we're not in our original timeline, and making sure a certain someone is rehabilitating alright." The moment he touched down on Haumea, everything he knew was different from what was in front of him. It didn't help matters that he volunteered the place for Asahi's recovery. Overall, it was a disaster, but one that the 'elder' Kita seemed to shrug off. Tadeo worried about him, but he had been shooed off all the same. "I mean, otherwise not much honestly. Just... hanging around."

Everyone had been making small talk while the final preparations were underway, though that time didn't last long as only 45 minutes into the Reception the waiting staff made their rounds to advise people to find their seats before the Presidents speech, and then food would follow after this ceremony.


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