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The day before tomorrow

Posted on Fri Sep 6th, 2019 @ 2:52pm by Lieutenant Nealas Yvex M.D.

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Main sickbay, USS Arcadia
Timeline: Back in 2395

The yellow alert had been initiated when the tests had started, this meant that Nealas had to be in the sickbay, even though she had her administrative work finished, and was really burnt out on the paper she was writing. So she just grabbed a trashy romantic novel and sat on the edge of an empty bio-bed as she read. Her feet dangling over the side, softly swaying back and forth. The yellow lights could almost be mistaken for candlelight if you squeezed your eyes together. She sighed a bit as she flipped a virtual page on the PaDD.

There was a small bit of turbulence, the hypospray next to her on the tray rattled, with the vials joining the mini-concert of medical appliances. She absentmindedly reached to the tray and put her hand on the vials to silence them. The cold glass pulled her attention away from the story.

Everything quieted back down and before long Nealas' attention was back to the novel. Another virtual page was turned.

"I thought a deep space assignment was supposed to be exciting." It had been a long time since her new assistant had spoken up, apparently the turbulence had jogged something in the Ensign's mind, "is it always like this?" The blond human paced in front of Nealas as he seemed to be rearranging some of the medical kits into a different order.

Nealas looked up from her PaDD and smiled at him, "Only on the good days." With that she looked back down to her novel.

A sigh escaped the Ensign.

"Remember, for us to get any excitement our friends and colleagues will be in severe pain, probably experiencing the worst day of their lives."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay."

Another shudder of the ship from turbulence outside, a little more severe this time and it kept rumbling for a moment longer as well this time.

Nealas looked up from her story and frowned, she heard some of the deckplates resonate with the energies from outside, "Alex, stop pacing, do you hear that?"

Alex stopped in his tracks and listened silently for something, "Hear what?"

Nealas put up her hand, "That." She said pointing in the direction of the high pitched sound, "Maybe it's just outside of your audible range." She paused a moment as the sound intensified, "That, can't you hear that?"

Alex shook his head, "I don't think so, boss."

Nealas was reaching up to tap her comm-badge, the chirp indicating a connection barely sounded, when a part of the bulkhead ripped away and exposed the sickbay to the cold darkness of space.

For a moment it seemed like Alex was in a couple of places at the same time, he was pacing back and forth, seemed to be talking to Nealas, rearranging the vials, then suddenly he was gone, sucked out into the vacuum of space.

Nealas screamed at the sight, and found herself flying through the room after being seemingly frozen in place for a milisecond. She instantly felt the harsh cold clasp around her being, a layer of ice instantly covering her skin and face as the moisture flash froze. In a split second she realised that having screamed and emptied her lungs actually had saved her life in this instant, only to die in about 30 seconds when her organs would start shutting down.

All of her lifetimes of experience, all of her medical knowledge, and all it did was fuel her brain to figure out what was going to kill her first. The shock? hypothermia? asphyxiation? Each one being a worse way to go than the other, all she could hope for is some space debris crashing into her and finishing it swiftly and painlessly with some nice blunt force trauma.

In any other situation, looking around the space she was floating in might have filled her with awe. The vastness of the darkness that was all around her made her feel insignificant and small. A single speck of dust in an unending universe.

The darkness lit up, a blast of energy from the anomaly the ship had been studying, it forked out and connected with the debris that had shattered from the ship. One vein crawled its way over to Nealas, she felt a force pressing down on her chest and her ears started to fill with a deafening ring, her vision went black and mere moments later she drifted out of consciousness, embracing the darkness.


Dr. Nealas Galin Yvex, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Arcadia


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