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A new dawn

Posted on Sun Oct 20th, 2019 @ 7:44pm by Lieutenant Nealas Yvex M.D. & Ensign Lialli 'Alli' Fenruse

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: San Fransisco, Earth
Timeline: 11 October, 20:01 local time, a Tuesday.

The nightmares had gotten better of the past few months of rehabilitation, she knew they were a normal part of processing trauma, it didn't make it easier. The stale, sterile, walls of the medical facility were making her go stir crazy. So she had taken to walking around the gardens, enjoying the sun, enjoying the well-kept flower beds. Reading up on medical advances since her displacement. It was during one of these strolls she came across a young woman who seemed to be out here for the same purpose. Getting away from it all. They got to talking, one week after they came across each other again. This went on for a couple of weeks, it turned out the stress that the other woman was experiencing was because of a big celebration coming up, Federation day.

Nealas had never really attended the official celebrations of Federation day, they would just have an elaborate meal in the mess hall and some cheesy speech by the Captain, but other than that never really gotten to one of the major festivity spots. But now she was on Earth, in San Fransisco, during the celebration. It was almost inevitable that she joined some of the festivities. She hadn't expected to be just this close though. The woman she had built a friendship with over the weeks turned out to be an aide to the president, responsible for the organisation of the big Starfleet, Timefleet, Federation council get together, and the last day they met before the actual event she had given her an official invitation.

It was a bit weird to stand here, in her Starfleet dress uniform, part of the gathering but not quite belonging to any of the people there. Nealas stood in the corner of the room, swirling a glass with a pink drink inside of it, she thought it was spring wine or something, but couldn't be sure, she never had it before.

"You look as bored as me?" Alli Fenruse spoke up as she saw another person stood looking around wearing dress uniform. Alli was pretty gutted that de has chosed uniform over something pretty when the Executive Officer looked so pretty and different compared. It was just her luck to think everyone would wear dress uniform given the circumstanced that had led them to be invited to the celebrations in the first time.

Nealas looked up, trying not to show she was startled by the other woman, "To be honest I'm not even sure why I'm here." She didn't know why she was whispering, there was enough crowd noise to drown out their conversation and it wasn't like she knew anyone that was attending this get together, apart from the President's aide, of course. Though predictably she had been too busy to exchange more than a cursory welcome. "Where are you posted?" She pointed at the Starfleet comm badge on her chest, which was recognisable enough but still oddly different to her.

"Tell me about it," Alli was feeling very much the same if she was honest. She was here because everyone from Clepsydra had been invited if she had her way she would be home back on Betazed in her PJs watching a classic horror film but no she was there in the middle of a celebration that was so formal it hurt. "USS Clepsydra. I am Ensign Lialli Fenruse."

Nealas smiled a bit, "That's the time ship, right?" The name of the ship seemed familiar, she probably read it on the news feeds. As she spent more and more time there she considered leaving Starfleet for their chrono counterparts. It would be a new challenge, a new experience for her. After all, that was what being joined was all about.

"Indeed she is the time ship." The woman answered with a small smile on her face that held in the giggle that she wanted to let out every time someone said that. It was ridiculous if she thought about it that Starfleet had a whole area focused just on time travel and making sure it was used properly.

"I wonder why nobody stopped the incident that put me here." Nealas' eyes became a bit more sombre. The accident with the Arcadia had displaced her out of her own timeline. For everyone in her time, she was considered killed in action. The time fleet could've stopped that. They could've saved her, put her back where she belonged.

"That is the ever-running issue morally that we have on time ships and why not everyone can serve on them," Lialli answered thinking it took a special kind of person to crew a ship like USS Clepsydra. It crossed her mind daily that she could have gone back to see her mum one last time but some events just could not be stopped, they were meant to be.

Nealas smiled a bit, she had read up a bit on temporal mechanics ever since coming here, she couldn't say that she understood all of it but she got the jist, "It's destiny, right." She never believed in it, in her experience anything could be achieved if one was willing and able to push themselves hard enough, apparently, that didn't fly on a higher macro level.

"Something like that but I tend to look at it a bit less romantically than the word destiny," Lialli replied before sighing. The woman seemed like a kindred spirit if not a little lost."As a Historian, it is even worse when you think about it. I know these events are meant to be but there I am watching them happen."

With a simple nod Nealas agreed, "Some of the tragedies in our past, personal or otherwise, you just want to go there and stop them." She then shrugged and smirked a bit, "I probably shouldn't be saying that sort of stuff if I want to stand a chance of getting a commission on a ship like that."

"Between us is fine." The Betazoid laughed as she spotted a few odd things going on and her Commanding Officer and Executive Officer leave there seats to have a conversation. "I have the same thoughts sometimes."

Nealas gave a bit of a smile at that, it was good to encounter someone that held the same beliefs. A good connection with other people in this time would help her anchor herself, there was a disturbance among the people and they started milling around restlessly, "what's going on?" Before she was offered an answer she heard a blood-curdling scream. Something that would normally send people running away prompted a very different response in Nealas as she started to run in the direction of where the scream came from.


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