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Presidential Bore

Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 8:20pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Commander Ame Vovihl & Lieutenant Tadeo Kita & Lieutenant Jerimiah Isaacs & Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson & Lieutenant Nealas Yvex M.D. & Lieutenant Ollie Dreax
Edited on on Thu Oct 17th, 2019 @ 5:07pm

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: San Fransisco, Earth
Timeline: 11 October, 19:00 local time, a Tuesday.

Every guest was being escorted to their carefully assigned seats for the Presidential address, the time that the UFP leader would give a compelling speech about the past, current affairs and about the future of the Federation in the current Galactic Stage.

Ambassadors and State Officials were seated at the front with clear views of the President and the Vista behind, a beautiful view overlooking the ocean and the setting sun. Sharr waited behind, and with him, the crew, “These things are very political” he whispered to Ame as others were guided around the waiting group, “The Ferengi Ambassador has been sat next to the Gorn and Cardassians, an attempt to divert attention of these groups to each other and not the fact that several of the Ferengi’s enemies have been entertained recently by the President and are sat close to them on the left” he subtly pointed to the group of colourfully dressed humanoids clustered together, “a potential new ally, we think.”

It didn’t take long before it was time for even them to sit. Sharr guided his team to their assigned seats and gestured for the ushers, who were Starfleet Ensigns, to quickly get them all refreshments before the President started their half-hour-long talk.

Jerimiah tugged at the tunic of his uniform as he took his seat. He asked one of the Ensigns to bring him a cider, his beverage of choice. The amateur historian within him was excited to be here for this historic occasion and as such he had his PADD ready to take notes. He could not help a small internal chuckle at the thought of being an amateur historian. With his current job, he was policing history.

Tadeo took a seat as far away from the others as possible, quietly ordering whatever bourbon they could get him. Everyone else seemed to have wine or odd beverages that he couldn't recognize. He just wanted something he could wrap his mind around. The ensign that took his order promised to give it a go, before shuffling off into the crowd. Tadeo turned toward his own group of people, frowning. Political gatherings were beyond him. This was why he was an engineer.

It wasn't until almost everyone else was seated that Nealas was shown to her seat. She had gotten in on personal favour from one of the presidential aides, that didn't mean she'd have the best seat in the house. As it turned out she was lucky to have a seat at all and didn't have to stand in the back of the room. She sat up straight and received another drink from one of the staff tending to the gathered crowd just in time.

As the room slowly fell silent a woman stood from her assigned seat and smiled at the room as people finally got a proper look at her outside of the official shots and the campaign trail. Light brown, long hair slightly reveals a lean, warm face. If it was not known that she was Kestri Ageaxi, the new Federation president you would not have thought she was with how unassuming and young she looked apart from her dark eyes. The dress she wore just covered one of her shoulders leaving the other uncovered and flowed down into a modest halter neckline. It was a snug fit which accentuates her in an elegant manner. It was a perfect shade of purple which Ame found herself smirking at the meaning of purple diplomacy.

“I can see why she is making friends,” Ame whispered to Sharr before turning to see that the Ensign finally brought her, her drink. She nodded her thanks as the speech started.

"Only with the select few, Commander. She's not well-liked within the Security Council, too libertarian and we saw how that tends to go during the early 25th century up until the Temporal Accords were signed." One of the ushers shot a glare over to the two as they sat and whispered, clearly not quite enough, but it was deflected back by the unimpressed expression Sharr gave, "now, she just needs to get through this first year, her 'baptism of fire', by the Council and us and when she learns how things really operate, she should be fine."

For a moment Nealas phased out, trying to remember who the president was back in '95. Then she realised that she'd probably have to think about that time in terms of 2395 now, an odd train of thought led her to remember what it had been like for the Trill to get into contact with the human race and their budding Federation of Planets way back in the 2100s. She shook her head a little realising she had been in this universe for three centuries now. Her focus shifted back to the president who had just started her speech.

The back of the room and crowd worked just fine, and Ollie watched the crowd rather than the President as he leaned against a wall with arms folded over his chest. She looked nicer in person than she had in the news reports, but that wasn't worth much. He'd give her a listen, assumed she'd turn out to be like most politicians he'd met - dangerously out of touch - and maybe leave a little early if he could manage.

The President spoke passionately about the future of the Federation as the Peacekeepers within known space, how their rapid expansion after the Temporal Cold War and their unparalleled dedication to the Temporal Integrity Commission to secure the status quo. Her speech then moved from the overall operation of the Federation to how she was planning on taking the current status of standard living and making it better.

Turning to Ame, Sharr shook his head, "Honestly, you would think she was a politician from the early 20th century the way she thinks our citizens are hard done by."

"Some are," Ame whispered back. She worked in the medical field and knew some areas of the universe did not have everything they needed. "And she is a lot easier on the eyes that what was his name again?" She said having forgotten who the previous president had been.

Tadeo narrowed his eyes at the President. Then to the huddled duo of the Command Staff, then back to the President again. Even with little to say, he couldn't help but feel an odd aura about the woman. Not just the political aura, either. No, there was more there than that. Something seemed amiss, but he didn't expect her to shout about oppressed peoples or anything that would have given away his suspicion.

The usual. Ollie had assumed as much. Of course mention of DTI made his skin crawl still, but the rest was by rote. It was far more interesting for him to watch the crowd, wonder about the people that made up this organisation. He was tempted to open his mind to the assembly, there was so much more he could learn, but what if there was another telepath. Ollie's black-eyed watch became furtive, nervous.

Jerimiah sat and listened and listened. He listened so much his mind wandered he wanted out. It seemed that the speech just droned on and on. Jerimiah could not believe that he had travelled through time just to sit here and listen to this blowhard speak. He glanced at the Admiral and Commander and at least on the surface, they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Marcus wasn't one for politics or politicians. Most of the time he simply didn't believe what they were saying, and he frequently found failures of science or logic in speeches like this. He was, however, prepared to be bored. One of his latest projects was a contact lens that he could use to provide the user with a heads up display and he had decided this would be a good time to test them. While the president spoke, he scrolled through diagnostic data from other projects, taking note of how well the display worked, as well as potential side effects.

“….Nor do we shrink from honestly facing conditions in on our worlds today. We work together for our people, that is the basis of my office and what I will be achieved. But now this a time for celebration and I thank you all for listening to me.” Kestri Ageaxi said smiling brightly as she caught the crew of Clepsydra among the people closest to her.

The speech went on for around an hour, and to some, it felt like it was a lot more. As the President was escorted off the platform the announcer notified everyone they needed to head inside for the formal dinner where they would be shown to their seats.


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