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Reporting for Duty

Posted on Sat Feb 1st, 2020 @ 5:25pm by Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Lieutenant Ollie Dreax
Edited on on Sat Feb 1st, 2020 @ 5:28pm

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Queens House, Greenwich, Earth.
Timeline: 13 October, 06:30. Wednesday.

Reports of the attacks had started to lull in frequency, though not by much. With his dual role of Deputy Director of the DTI and an Admiral within Starfleet, Sharr had been privy to the vast amount of data that had been pouring in.
During all of this his temporary office had been moved to its permanent location within Queen’s House, an ancient building that had been preserved as part of the DTI’s now impressive collection of facilities and resources.

As he settled in for the morning knowing that he was not going anywhere while agents, and his crew, scoured each location for evidence of who did this, and why, he put down his glass and closed the console. The sun was threatening to come over the horizon to start the new day and with it the buzz of activity would become deafening, for what seemed like a small eternity he watched the world go by until a knock on the door brought him back to reality. In walked his new aide, “Sir, Lieutenant Dreax.”

For a moment he looked at the older woman then nodded. This agent had been recomClepsydra. He gestured for them to proceed, she moved out of the way and in walked the handsome young officer, “Lieutenant, please take a seat”

"Thank you, Admiral." Ollie Dreax moved into the room quickly, checked his corners out of habit. He was a little taller than the other man, slim, walked through the office with a fluid and easy grace. The officer had a good amount of scruff on his jaw today, a few days growth, but otherwise his appearance was well put together and neat for this meeting.

As he slid into the offered chair his black-eyed gaze swept through the office, looked over the antiques in the room. Then he brought his attention to the Admiral himself and briefly smiled as if amused by a joke only he knew. Though he grinned there wasn't much warmth behind the gesture. "I'd guess this is neither a social call or me finally getting knighted. How can I be of service, sir?"

As the agent took a seat, the Admiral followed suit, “No, this is not a social call, Lieutenant” he confirmed flatly, “I am sure you are aware of the incident at the Federation Day celebrations last night, so I will not bore you with those details. You have been recommended to me by Admiral Danner and your Commander, they advise that you have skills that I will need in the coming months, so here you are.”

The light flickered through the open window as the sun slowly graced the horizon with its warming presence, the few rays giving a warming glow to the sight behind him and reacting to the deep blue liquid in the tumbler on the desk. Sharr looked down, swirled the glass a little and continued, “While the Clepsydra has been tasked with investigating the recent murders, I wanted to get a better understanding of the next possible addition to the crew. While I have read your file, I’ve learned over the ages that they are not a true reflection of an individual, so tell me about you, what drives you, what makes you tick. What scares you?” He picked up the tumbler and gave it a final swirl before downing its contents.

Ollie nodded briefly to acknowledge the attacks, having been updated recently through his channels at Intelligence. The mention of Admiral Danner recommending him made Ollie raise an eyebrow briefly. Notoriety or reputation didn't make him very comfortable, and he wondered which particular skills these big movers and shakers planned him to use for them next. His eyes followed the gesture the man made with the coloured glass for a moment, then double-checked the window.

"Can't say I didn't come prepared with a whole bunch of stories to tell you, sir," Ollie began slowly as he watched a bird fly by, and then turned his gaze back to Myrkul Sharr. "But depending on how much of that file you've read...well, I'd rather not start out lying to my new boss if I don't have to." He paused for a moment, studied the other man silently, and kept a sudden confusion to himself - he couldn't sense the Admiral's mind at all. Ollie covered his shock well but it shook him; that shouldn't be possible, not for him. Ollie's voice came out slightly rough as he answered, giving what he knew was going to be an unsatisfactory answer, that the Admiral obviously meant for more, "I live to serve the Federation, that's all I want and all I have. What frightens me, having seen what I have in my work with SI, is the threat that time travel poses to us."

Stifling the slightest of chuckles at the man’s comments about what he had seen within Starfleet Intelligence he gave a nod, “A fraction of the threat is seen by Intelligence, Agent. The bulk of the security is handled in-house within the DTI facility here in London, and the Commission prefers to keep all incidents contained to authorised personnel and, sometimes, the current President. If what you have seen thus far as scared you, then what is to come or has been, may probably petrify you.”

For the briefest of moment the Admiral’s tone dropped to one of dark despair, but a glint of curiosity glimmered in his eyes, “We will all do our part to safeguard the timelines, Agent. Luckily we are outside of the Temporal Cold War – that still causes headaches within the department. But I wanted to get to know you; I can see your passion for your job, but what’s under the hood, as it were. Your greatest achievement, to start?”

Even if he couldn't sense the Admiral's mind at all his ears certainly worked and the El-Aurian's tone caught his attention, the shift from a warning to something painful perhaps. Ollie knew very little about Admiral Sharr but it was plain there were stories there, many of them. For the moment though he pushed those thoughts aside and debated on how to answer. This was hard for Ollie, that much was plain to see. He really disliked talking about himself but wanted to make an effort to be more forthcoming with his new commanding officer, to make sure the man knew that he could trust this spy.

He gave a brief, defeated sigh, and decided on some cold honesty. This story he couldn't talk to any Starfleet counselor about, there wasn't any active with that high of a security clearance. But Sharr stood above even that, so Ollie told him.

"Escaping the Romulan Star Empire," Ollie began slowly, and averted his gaze as the memories came back, fixed his eyes on some point just over the top of Myrkul's head. As he started to discuss Operation Sanctity his voice had dropped too, became soft and distant, the Betazoid definitely disassociating himself to even be able to speak of it. "Sometimes it's hard to believe this was just a few months ago."

His eyes re-focused briefly but he couldn't meet the Admiral's gaze then, his jaw flexed, and other micro-expressions continued as he spoke, "We'd been betrayed by Jac- by one of our own." Ollie skipped over the name, though all the names of the Black Knights SpecOps squad were on record now. "The Commander was dead, the Tal'Shiar had pounced on our reconnaissance team before anyone could react. Our cover, and who knows still how many of the assets we'd built up, all compromised. I spent two weeks on the run, trying to reach an extraction point, Tal'Shiar after me the whole way, and with a lot of help from back home I made it out alive."

"Most of the team...they didn't," now Ollie could look at Sharr, and he couldn't separate himself from the emotion in his words as he ended. "They were good people, sir, some of the best I've ever known. Some of the strongest, and bravest. Better people than me. Somehow I made it out, and if that isn't an accomplishment I'm not sure what is."

For a moment he nodded, his mind going back to when he was young and was working behind the scenes with the Star Empire for the greater good, "I appreciate that" he poured the young officer a drink and pushed the tumbler towards him, "it'll take the edge off" he commented before filling his own, "we will be working closely over the next few weeks, I will need you to become very familiar with the intricate ways in which time works, liaise with the rest of the crew and remain impartial. Report everything to me, no matter how minor the detail, as it may help with the case of these rampaging murderous Vulcans. Support the crew in their investigations too, a man of your skillset will be required for what is to come."

It took a visible effort, but piece by piece Lieutenant Dreax rebuilt his defences, the pain in his tone and expression covered back up. The offered drink and the Admiral's comment about taking the edge off were appreciated and Ollie figured the other man might understand how hard that had been for him. So he offered a brief smile of thanks, took a swallow of the drink, grimaced slightly, and followed it by a few deep breaths. Having orders to talk about helped as much as a stiff drink did, so he focused on watching and listening to Sharr, "Understood, sir. Observe, report, and assist, I might almost feel useful." His quip was followed by something he had to try to get off his chest, "May I ask you a question Admiral? Not pertaining to to your orders."

A subtle nod was the response that was given, an acknowledgement that he could ask the questions he had. Afterall, Sharr thought, the man would be following his every order, it was probably best that some trust was built up.

"Why can't I sense your thoughts?" It was about as direct a question as he could deliver, and his black eyes stared while his mind searched for a presence that just wasn't there. Ollie hadn't really planned on asking but the itch had built up throughout their conversation and as impertinent as it might be it just slipped out. For the spy, telepathy was another sense as readily and often used as others might use sight or sound, and Sharr had him a bit spooked though he'd never admit it.

A wry, almost wicked, smile forced its way to the corners of the Admiral's mouth, "Ah yes, I keep forgetting about this. It is a very long, very painful, story. The short version; my body has been forcibly altered over countless years by creatures, not of this universe. I was not always like this, I had scars to remind me of stories I have long forgotten, I had compassion for the masses and empathy that was akin to your own kind. Let's just say it is all gone, never to come back and one must move on with life, with these invisible scars, or fall prey to the beast that stalks us all."

Ollie wasn't quite sure how to take the revelation and reply. At first, he'd been rather charmed by that devilish smile that suddenly appeared on the handsome Admiral's face. Yet somehow he felt that Myrkul was both telling him some truth but definitely nowhere near the whole of it. Mysteries intrigued the Betazoid and this one was going to be interesting to keep gathering clues for.

Then he realised that even without being able to read the other man's mind for confirmation he definitely understood exactly what was meant about moving on with life. They each held secrets that would never be shared no matter how much it cost. Ollie wondered if he could truly stop caring, lose compassion, someday though, and it was an uncomfortable thought. "Thank you, sir," he answered at last, content for the moment and unsure if he should have asked in the first place.

"Any further questions before you depart for your first assignment, meeting with Commander Vovihl?"

"Oh, I have many questions, Admiral," Ollie's regular charm had returned, covering up the past once again, and he grinned mischievously. He was definitely going to dig into the Admiral's background as much as he could through his own sources, and planned to see how much he could get the man to admit. Ollie was going to enjoy that, "But anticipation adds a certain spice to life, no?"

"When you get to my age, it gets tedious" he commented, "now, if you find the Commander and she will ensure you have lots of work to do."

At the dismissal, Ollie stood up and let his smile fade once more. It was time to get down to business. "Understood, Admiral." He wondered again how much he could trust Sharr, perhaps more now to self-admitted darkness the man carried than when Ollie had first come into the office, and studied him once again for a moment. Then he turned on a heel and marched out to find Commander Vovihl. Time would tell, and internally he winced at that - working for DTI certain phrases were going to sound too on the nose.

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