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A Small Part in a Big Play

Posted on Sun Feb 9th, 2020 @ 6:40am by Lieutenant Ollie Dreax & Commander Ame Vovihl

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: Greenwich Park, Earth
Timeline: Some days before the President's speech

The view of the Queen's House from here was quite nice, and Ollie finally stopped his march away from all the hidden and overwhelming activity of the Department of Temperal Integrity. He'd just come from a briefing - more an interview, it had felt like - with Admiral Danner. That man, and the things he had revealed, had offered...

Ollie usually wasn't one to get overwhelmed, but this had been more than enough. As soon as he'd agreed to take the job, to join DTI, it had started to hit home. Hard. All these people here, hidden away in the ancient rooms, in the underground facilities. The depth, the scope of it, the sheer danger all of this posed. Ollie felt he had a damn good reason to come up to the top of this green hill and freak out for a minute. Minutes? Hours. Days. Years. Centuries? Did any of those have much meaning anymore? Why wasn't anyone else feeling panicked? Time travel was the ultimate of threats!

In the age old words of the people of this planet that had taken him in as a boy, Ollie let out a stunned, "Fucking hell."

Ame sat on a bench enjoying the last of the summer weather before October properly came into effect and the days become overcast and wet. Quite essential British weather she had been told by the security guard who had checked her out into the park for her to work on a medical handover. She turned at the stunned words and saw a man stood nearby looking clearly unsure. "You okay there?" She wondered softly.

With a sidelong glance that revealed that he hadn't even noticed she was there, embarrassment over the slip, and then immediate and probably far too-excessive caution, he slid into a default defensive mode. "Oh, sorry 'bout that," Ollie had some nice white teeth when he wanted to show them, and tried one of his better grins. Sometimes it worked on women, some women at least.

"Just practising. For a play, you see, set in Late-19th Century Britain. Can't get the accent quite right, but good thing I'm just an extra." Part of him did want to just scream at this stranger, warn her of the impending doom for all of them that could be triggered by Divines knew what lurking within the ancient buildings nearby, tell her to flee to another universe perhaps before it was too late. But that would be so illegal, he had no idea who she was let alone her security level. Yep, he could scream.

"I am sure you will be fine with your 'play'. Betazoid's normally have a knack for an English accent." The tone of her voice told him that she did not believe that for a moment. She knew the tone of someone having a moment of freaking out when she saw it. She was a doctor originally afterall.

"Hmm," Ollie's brief smile this time was just as plain as her tone: he knew she knew he was fibbing, and seemed to enjoy the situation. Well, perhaps he could let a little off his chest, if the woman was willing to play along. It skirted the edge of classified information procedures, sure, but he was careful. "Maybe that's my problem with all of this. I'm just an extra. Really, my presence doesn't change much. Things are so much bigger than I ever thought of before, my part so unimportant. In the play, of course."

"Of course." The Trill answered turning a little more in her seat to look at the man. "Sometimes that is the problem. You are viewing yourself as an unimportant player when in fact you should be viewing yourself as a player either way. Small or big, we all keep the cogs of the play rolling."

"A fair argument," he conceded, and bowed his head slightly to her. "And a positive outlook." He tried to take the advice, to let her words sink in, take root, maybe lift his spirits some. Ollie's eyes turned to look once more at the ancient buildings, and he shivered. "Alas! This play is a dark one, darker than any I've done before." Ollie still lied, but his voice had gotten softer, more distant and concerned. "I thought this was the role I wanted, but now that the part has been offered I'm starting to second-guess. The risks..." He cut himself off, shook his head.

Ame turned and looked at the man properly not able to take the games any longer. "I'm Commander Ame Vovihl by the way." The woman finally introduced herself wondering if it would help him sure up his indecisiveness as most people knew her name now after the last few months.

"Ollie Dreax," he replied, a slight smile on his lips and a bow to his head once again. There was definitely recognition in his gaze though; he might have known all along that look seemed to say. "Lieutenant, Starfleet. For now." Something about that, especially the last, seemed to amuse him. Darkly, perhaps, by the wry twist to his lips. A glance back up to the sky and a brief sigh came from the man, "The time has come to talk of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing-wax...well, you know. Thank you, for letting me rant. I have a feeling you'll understand better than most, Commander. See you sometime." Ollie squared his shoulders and looked back to DTI, his steps heavy as he headed back to face this new chapter.


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