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TBD, Meeting the Team

Posted on Wed Feb 12th, 2020 @ 10:34pm by Lieutenant Nisseth & Lieutenant Ollie Dreax

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: San Francisco
Timeline: 11 October, 18:25 local time, a Tuesday.

Nisseth had been sure it wasn't going to be the type of event that he would have enjoyed before he stepped into the main chamber for the social niceties that he was meant to fulfill but he had not expected to meet the president and actually enjoy it. What was wrong with him? Had the previous mission messed him up so badly that he was enjoying emotions? He turned and collided with someone knocking him out of his deep thoughts over the Intelligence Chief and her Assistance deaths.

"Pardon me," a hand had come up to give a placating gesture, and the other man took a step back. Vulcans had a reputation for not liking to be touched, and Ollie wasn't about to try walking over one either. He'd be better off trying to walk through a bulkhead; he'd come out less bruised and without the lecture. A smile came to his face though, and he didn't move out of the way either. "Lost in thought?"

Nisseth looked the man over and shrugged, the usual bored expression quickly appearing on his face as he started to play the Vulcan part. "Something like that Lieutenant." He commented on seeing the other mans pips,

"Curious." In his other hand Ollie held a glass of something gold with bubbles, but it didn't look like he'd done more than carry it around. Black eyes peered back, and he was tempted, but kept his mind to himself. Maybe another Betazoid wouldn't mind, but thinking at a Vulcan was probably rude too, like being touched, for all he knew. "It's not often one finds a Vulcan not entirely focused. Something about the President's speech seem off?"

"Sometime Vulcan's do have moments of free-thinking. It allows us to be like the rest of the universe." Nisseth said without hesitation. "Not overly. She is a lot more liberal than the last one is she not?" Nisseth wondered thinking on the conversation that he could create but the man chose a subject of himself.

The quick reply about the Vulcan people made Ollie chuckle inwardly. Whether that had been Vulcan humour or not, he appreciated it. "Well, I suppose," Ollie agreed with the other's assessment somewhat. "Though I think I put more faith in a politician's actions rather than their claimed stances. A lot of things get said, but they always seem to be thinking something different. Or perhaps I'm just a cynic."

"Quite possibly. Betazoid's are known for that now. I am surprised though seeing she is one of your own." Nisseth said with a look that spoke volumes. He knew that a lot had changed for Betazed after the Dominion War and the time it had taken for a Homeworld to be fixed up. Betazoid's had no memories and even 800 years it was still true. He had studied it as a result that more Betazoid's joined but hostile positions other than Medical, they no longer held such a passive view.

Ollie cast a sly-looking glance the Vulcan's way at the 'one of your own' comment, but decided to let go the usual 'we're not all cut from the same stone' response. "Kestri Ageaxi may be a Betazoid, but I think politicians are a species unto themselves, no matter their homeworld. I mean no offense. What do you do for work, Mister...?"

"Nisseth. Just Nisseth." The Vulcan answered without hesitation. He was not offended so it did not matter to him either way. He knew he had views that did not align with a long of people due to the time he was born in.

"A pleasure, Nisseth," the return smile was even more amused by the evasiveness, and an expression that he might know the answer to his question already. That could of course just be the result of years of lying for a living too, or just from being a bit of a smug jerk maybe. He raised his right hand and split his fingers in the Vulcan salute briefly. "It seems people are headed towards their seats for some more pomp, so I won't keep you any longer. I hope you find the evening...satisfactory."

"I am sure I will." It wasn't unusual the setting and the night was still young. The Vulcan echoed the sentimental greeting before moving to his own seat. He was sure that all the pieces would settle into place soon enough.


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