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Divorce Settlement

Posted on Sat Jan 11th, 2020 @ 5:10pm by Ensign Lialli 'Alli' Fenruse & Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson
Edited on on Sat Jan 11th, 2020 @ 5:12pm

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: San Fransisco, Earth
Timeline: 11 October, 20:25 local time, a Tuesday.

Alli grinned as she saw Markus across the room and quickly made her way across through the crowd to him. If she was going to be here, in dress uniform, she was not going to be hanging out alone. She paused as she saw his dress uniform and the change in his pips. “Promotion?” She wondered flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Uh, yeah." Marcus half-smiled. "Kinda came out of nowhere, I wasn't expecting it. "I've been given the DTI science department head position too."

The woman mocked saluted him before she grinned. "Congratulations then Sir." She said honesty meaning it. "So who gets me in the divorce settlement then?" Alli was never one to mince her words as she leaned against the wall next to him.

"Thanks, Ensign." He replied, adopting a similarly relaxed stance. "As far as I know you're still assigned to the conventional science department. I do need to get myself a full team, the department isn't exactly up to full strength yet."

"As a historian, I am disappointed that you did not think of me straight away after all the fun we have had." The woman said taking a sip of the drink she held tightly in her hand. It was to relax even if she was dressed up.

"I didn't want to poach the best officer Isaacs has left." He replied with a grin. "There are positions available if you're really interested in a transfer like you say, it'd make sense, but no pressure if you're happy where you are."

"Well, he did only have two of them." Alli commented back with just as devious of a grin, "It makes more sense but like you said it might have already happened in the department changes." The woman mused with a smile.

"I've got a lot of work to do getting the department really up and running. Some of the infrastructure is there, but I need personnel and equipment. Gotta go to some DTI storage place tomorrow and requestion a load of it."

The woman raised an eyebrow. "That does not sound fun at all." It also sounded odd to the woman. Every since all the changes the woman had felt something was not right at all and it was coming more apparent. "How are you feeling about all the changes?" Alli wondered softly as they announced that the meal as about to start.

Marcus shrugged. "We're not in an apocalyptic hellscape, so I think we're relatively ok. To tell you the truth, I haven't noticed that much. Or really gone looking."

Alli shrugged just a little. Unlike him, she had gone searching and it had made her more and more homesick for her mum and siblings, her mum had lived to over a 100, unlike the timeline she remembered when she had died when she was barely ten. It just hurt to know that she had not been apart of that and her mum had never known what had happened to her. "Anywhere that is not the Nazi world is good in my books." She agreed.

"I've seen a couple of missing things, potential threats that DTI used to monitor have disappeared from the databases, which might be a good thing," Marcus said. "Although I'm a little uncomfortable, I'd rather know that the Iron Gods of the Atraxi are still dormant than have any doubts."

Alli nodded. She had been watching mostly personal stuff that her home console would allow since they had been kicked off the ship. "The what?" Alli asked looking unsure as she raised an eyebrow at his words.

"The Iron Gods?" Marcus repeated. "You didn't have them? They were these ancient alien... things. Atraxi legends, maybe forbearers or something similar. Nobody's ever been able to get a good scan of them, their... skin is something weird, works like a scattering field. We didn't even know if they were organic. Anyway, they came out of their stasis on Atraxis, and the eight of them wiped out a dozen starships on the way to the Breen border, went across and made a star go supernova just by looking at it, then they just flew back to Atraxis, and went back to sleep. But... they were active for twelve days and as far as we could tell, every sentient in the galaxy had nightmares the whole time."

Alli was pretty sure he was joking with her then she caught that he really was not joking he was 100% sure of what he was saying. She shook her head quickly. "We did not have them." She repeated looking at him wide-eyed.

"Well, that's a relief," Marcus said. "There were a whole bunch of those kinda things out there, seemed like there was... an acceleration in the last couple of hundred years. Maybe the galaxy is a little safer now."

"That sounds terrible and I am finding the need to research them and give myself nightmares," Alli admitted with a shake of her head. She wasn't looking forward to that but the idea of discovering something new was interesting and appealing to the scientist in her.

"There's scary stuff out there in every timeline," Marcus said. "The most important thing is that we're alive this time, and there's nothing too horrifying trying to destroy all of existence."

"For now." The woman said with a nudge to him before noticed what seemed to be a fuss happening at the entrance.

Marcus glanced towards the entrance, less than interested. He was supposed to be off duty anyway and he suspected it was just some politician causing drama. Perhaps it was time for another drink.


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