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Unique Meeting

Posted on Wed Nov 20th, 2019 @ 10:14pm by Commander Ame Vovihl & Lieutenant Commander Kl'k Davison

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: San Francisco
Timeline: 11 October, 20:00 local time, a Tuesday.

Ame looked at herself in the large mirror and sighed. How had she let herself be talked into wearing something other than dress uniform? The dress she wore left her shoulder uncovered and paired stilettos it was an ideal match. It was a snug fit which gave the dress a classy and polished look especially as it was a bright colour and certainly something different than the rest of the guests.

Lieutenant Commander Kl'k Davison had elected to wear his dress uniform for the occasion. His unique nature meant that he tended to provoke a wary curiosity amongst his fellow officers, and he found that being in uniform tended to put them at ease. He had learned the value of doing his research during his career, and as such he had ensured that he had committed the faces of the Clepsydra's senior staff to memory. He recognised the XO and sauntered over. "Commander Vovihl? I'm Lieutenant Commander Kl'k Davison."

Ame stopped looking at herself in the mirror and glanced at reflection next to her. "Um... Hello Commander." The woman greet before turning to look at him properly. "Apologises I am sure we have not met right?" The woman could not be sure at all as the life lives she had led had were both full of just too many people to remember everyone.

"Ah, no I'm sure we'd remember one another," Kl'k reassured her. "I've spent most of my career thus far in the diplomatic corps, although I've found myself at something of a crossroads recently. Admiral Strax suggested that the second officer position on the Clepsydra is open, and I submitted a formal application yesterday."

"Well in that case," The woman offered her hand out to him. "Pleasure to meet you, Commander. I heard someone wanted to apply as Second Officer. What is your field?" She wondered professionally.

"Primarily diplomatic relations, although I have some qualifications in communications and sociological sciences," Kl'k replied. "I have no knowledge of my species' societal structure, so I have a keen interest in other cultures."

"I think if you are successful diplomatic relations will be perfect to handle Sharr." Ame handled him with coolness but a more diplomatic approach would be nicer sometimes.

"The Admiral has something of a reputation." Kl'k smiled. "Is it deserved or something of an exaggeration?"

"He is a man like any other," Ame assured. The reputation seemed an exaggeration to her but some points of it came from small things. "Reputations come from hints of truth." She wondered what the world now thought of her as an officer and a person but she was too concerned to ask that. She did not want to know her reputation.

Kl'k let out a little chirp, the equivalent of a chuckle for him. "Indeed. I've found that some like to cultivate such reputations for their own advantage, or even just amusement. I hope I get the opportunity to reach my own conclusions."

Ame found herself laughing at the word cultivate. "Oh he certainly likes to cultivate." ... And had a thing for the dramatics but that was a private thought from Ame. She would never admit that allowed. "I hope that you do get the opportunity myself. You seem like you would be a new angle to have in the command team." Ame admitted thinking she needed to find a terminal to look this man's record over herself.

"I would appreciate the opportunity Commander," Kl'k replied. "I am confident that I could add something to your ship and crew."

"I believe you could Commander given the opportunity." The woman said holding out a hand to shake his. It was a human gesture but one that all Starfleet understood and used. "Now If you excuse me I need to find my Captain." She admitted thinking the man had been left to his own devices long enough to cause no end of trouble.

"A pleasure to meet you Commander Vovihl." Kl'k said with a polite nod. "I hope you enjoy the event."


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