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Posted on Tue Nov 5th, 2019 @ 9:24pm by Commander Ame Vovihl & Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Lieutenant Tadeo Kita & Lieutenant Jerimiah Isaacs & Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson & Lieutenant Nealas Yvex M.D. & Lieutenant Ollie Dreax

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: San Fransisco, Earth
Timeline: 11 October, 20:24 local time, a Tuesday.

It took a few moments for the room to make a movement, the scream had stopped every conversation, every bit of movement. That uneasy silence was disturbed by Deputy Director Sharr's comm badge, "Sir, it appears we are just getting reports of a murder..."

As he replied he gave a sigh, "Thank you for the fast reply" he responded, the tone deathly flat, "Keep me updated"

The scream had interrupted the conversation Nealas had been in, reflexes that were honed over several lifetimes of first responder experience kicked in and she dashed in the direction of the scream. She wished she hadn't worn the dress uniform, it was always a bit too tight around the legs. She came across one of the staff, "Crewman Jones, Get me a medkit!" She was sure to make eye contact and read out the name on his tag clearly.

"I do not think a medkit is going to be needed." The president said as she came out of the room and saw who had been calling for a medkit. The woman was covered in blood as if she had rushed to help and the scene behind her showed that there was nothing to be done as she was escorted out of the room. It had been her assistants scream that had interrupted the party.

Nealas was stopped in her tracks as the president came walking out of the room, covered in a green goop that she immediately identified as Vulcan blood, her racing mind concluding it couldn't be her own and there was no wound to tend to on the president. Her mouth opened to say something along the lines of doubting her qualifications to make such calls, but when she stepped past the president she saw a large pool of blood she kept it to herself. It was clear that anyone with the slightest understanding of humanoid biology could make that call.

Marcus had been shaken out of his distracted boredom by the sudden commotion. As much as he hadn't been interested, an incident like this was never something he would have wished for. One of the few advantages of the Starfleet dress uniform was that he had been able to conceal a few pieces of tech he'd been working on, and he quickly went to work interfacing with the building's internal computer and sensor network, trying to find some additional information about what was going on.

Ame had not missed what the Science Officer was doing and felt proud that someone was thinking on their feet as Security Officers started sweeping people into groups to start an investigation. "What have you found?" She demanded seeing the President quickly get escorted out of another door by Security. "I want to see that room as soon as." She added as a matter of urgency. Something like this just didn't happen inside this building at all and her Doctor's training was kicking in very much like any other doctor in the room she suspected.

"One second." Marcus replied, before hastily adding "Commander." He quickly got rid of his dress uniform jacket, dropping it on the floor, giving him better access to the sensor uplink on his wrist. He opened up a tiny panel, revealing the internal components, then gently removed the contact lens from his left eye. He placed the lens within the access port, then activated the holographic display, which projected a three dimensional model of the building, generated from the current sensor data. He focussed in on the room in question, "All right, this is a live feed. We might not strictly have all the right access protocols though..."

Ollie had moved to a corner as soon as the commotion began, ostensibly to stay out of everyone's way, but also to get a better look at everything. Mistrustful black eyes scanned the crowd even as he reached out with his mind, tried to sort through the chaos of thoughts to see if he could pick up on anything. It would take some time, and with people coming and going - he stared at the President hard - it made things far more difficult. In the meantime, he saw a cluster of officers gathering together around a hologram and started to edge closer to them. Ollie's fingers flexed, he wished he was armed after hearing such a scream.

Sharr, now swatting away security personnel as they tried to usher him away from the scene, moved over to his senior officers who were clustered together, "I've been told there is a lockdown in process, which means only one of two things. A murder, or threat to one of the lives here. I'm currently suspecting both the way the President was whisked away by her..." he turned and slapped a security officer across the face as he was being pulled away, "For the fourth time, I've told you to go deal with something more squishy than me, I will not tell you again!" his voice dropped into a stern and authoritative tone, almost parental in nature, as he glared at the officer. Snapping out of it he turned to Ame, "Since we are not going anywhere, what do we need?"

"We need to check all our crew is accounted for," Ame said as she glanced at the Ensign still stood there. "I'll look after his ass Ensign. Leave him with us, he will not go with you might as well make him someone else's problem." The man looked the Trill up and down for a second before shrugging. The woman had the best point he had heard in a while. He made his exit as the woman turned back to look at the scene."Oh my." Was all the former Chief Medical Officer said as she took in scene inside as the uplink finally became clear.

As the chaos built outside inside the room where the scream had come from was nothing short of a blood bath with a Vulcan male lying in the middle of it all. The man lay on the cold floor, his normal straight hair stuck up in odd angles. His eyes half-closed, but the brown colour still shining through the long dark lashes. An angry frown lay on his face, even now that he was dead and his hands were balled to fists like he still wanted to defend himself.

Nealas slowly walked into the room, first responder reflexes dying out but her medical background still compelling her to try and figure out exactly what happened. Looking over the man, immediately seeing defensive wounds and an un-Vulcan like expression on the man's face.

Tadeo had managed to miss out on whatever he was called upon. In his arms was a basket of goods from Haumea, a gift that he had meant to share with others. But in a scene unlike him, he had been later to the party that he desired. Perhaps it was the fact that he truly did not like parties, or the fact that he wanted to stop by to speak with someone he thought would recognize him, or at least someone who would have if he were in his own reality. But the sound of the scream had him curious, and he arrived on scene later than the others. Naturally, the crew he came to know as his own was there. He weaseled in through the crowd, looking first at the odd scene on the ground in the room, then up to the walls and ceiling, as if looking for some form of attack.

As ever in a situation like this, chaos had ensued. There were people panicking, trying to get out, and others desperately trying to make themselves useful, clashing with the designated response teams and plans. Marcus withdrew himself somewhat, finding an empty corner to study the sensors. He called And over to him once he was oriented. "Commander, we've got a lot of activity in the building, coordinated actions you'd expect, as well as people panicking. But we've also got a couple of things that stand out. Two people on the upper level here." He indicated a pair of signatures together above them. "And we've got a other three down in what looks like storage areas for the food. None of them are behaving like you'd expect in this situation."

The commotion had snapped Jerimiah from his stupor. He jumped yo his feet and began to scan the room. He prided himself on the fact that he is an observer. At the moment he was looking to see if anyone was acting contrary to the norm. The issue was everyone was acting contrary to the norm. When chaos is the norm, then calm is the contrary. He thought as he redoubled his efforts.

A hurried conversation over a secure channel with his contacts at Intelligence had taken place and in the meantime, Ollie had drawn close enough to the small assembly of officers, enough to assure himself that they weren't in one some plot going on here. He relaxed a bit, but only slightly; he recognised a number of faces there. With gritted teeth he approached and offered up some input of his own to the group, Marcus and the others that were gathering information, "Starfleet Intelligence isn't aware of any kind of current threat this might be related to. If you need an extra pair of hands, put me to work." He itched to go run off and check on this report of suspicious activity elsewhere in the building though.

Ame turned and looked at the familiar person and indicated for him to come in and join the circle. "So what are these people doing?" She wondered knowing none of them was getting out of the room for a moment until they had locked down the building properly and got a list of who was who.

"No, the data doesn't specify, privacy encryption that I don't think I can bypass any time soon." Marcus admitted. "The pair on the upper level look like they could be technicians doing maintenance, but the group in the basement, I have no idea. Looks like they're just standing around."

The commotion had been going on for only a short time, but it had felt like forever. Everyone had been scurrying about trying to figure out what was going on, especially as the building was under lock down, even the majority of communications had been blocked and only key personnel with Alpha Clearance had been successful in finding out what was going on. Security personnel had managed to keep the majority of the guests calm and from wandering off, something of a credit to Federation Security itself.

The small ear-piece buzzed and Sharr could hear the voice of one of the comm's agents, "Sir, we have an update. We believe that the culprit has been apprehended. Shortly everyone will be escorted out and will be interviewed by Federation Security so they'll be asked to remain on Earth."

Sharr thanked the agent, then looked around for the team. They had been helping the Security Officers wherever they could, and they had done him proud, he gestured for the Commander to come closer to him while he explained what had been told to him, "We'll be leaving very soon, I will be pulling key personnel from leave - something about this doesn't feel right."


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