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Night Of It

Posted on Tue Feb 4th, 2020 @ 8:44pm by Commander Ame Vovihl & Admiral Myrkul Sharr & Lieutenant Jerimiah Isaacs & Lieutenant Marcus Eriksson & Lieutenant Nealas Yvex M.D.

Mission: Shore Leave: Federation Day
Location: San Francisco
Timeline: 12 October, 07:48 local time, a Tuesday.

Ame glanced up at the clock that was on the wall above the main entrance to the hall and sighed. They had all been here for nearly twelve hours now and it was starting to get a bit beyond boring now. "Anyone heard anything more?" She wondered coming back to the small group that was settled at one of the tables on the edge trying to distance themselves from the other guests.

Marcus had been attempting to sleep, slumped in a fairly ornate armchair which had proven to be far less comfortable than it looked. He hauled himself into an upright position, leaning forwards, flexing his fingers which had pins and needles. He activated the sensor system on his wrist, still logged into the building's internal scanners. "Looks like everything is still on lockdown." He croaked, then cleared his throat. "There's about a dozen people less than last time I checked, but everyone else is stuck here." He rubbed his eyes wearily. "Hold up, looks like someone's here." The display showed a convoy of three shuttles arriving at the landing pad next to the building, a number of people exited, some taking up observational positions, while the majority headed towards the building.

Jerimiah was tired, he felt it all over and especially deep down in his bones. All he wanted to do was rest, and yet he could not as his mind reeled. His eyes darted around as he took everything in, the placement of those that guarded the doors, those that sat uncomfortably waiting and everything else. He focused his mind on trying to solve the mystery at hand, a pretty straightforward whodunnit. Isaacs loved mysteries it was one of the reasons he originally went into science. The sound of Marcus' voice brought Jerimiah to the immediate. "Most likely the investigation teams..."

Milling about at the edge of the group Nealas wondered why they were still being held here. They weren't anywhere near the room when it happened, surely the security footage should've clarified that by now. She rubbed her eyes again and wondered how long it would take them to clear everyone. She perked up hearing about new arrivals. At least now everything would be kicked into gear.

Ame sighed. She was bored with lockdown, bored of being followed to the bathroom and bored of not knowing what the hell was going on anywhere. "Investigation team?" She wondered. "It has been twelve hours surely they would have been and gone by now?"

"I would have thought they would have been here sooner. But not gone yet. There is a lot to look at here. I wonder if we can perhaps lend a hand?" Isaacs had a mind to join the mystery.

During the ongoing investigation the Deputy Director had been pulled from pillar to post, between Security doing their job and asking questions, forensics trying to understand what was going on while filing their reports and communications with the Federation Council and the Security Council.

Finally he returned to the Commander, "We can leave, they are letting everyone leave, for now" he said, hoping this would come as some relief. "Inform the crew they are to get some rest and I want to see them all in San Francisco in 24 hours. I should have more then".

As he gave the order another person came up to him and whispered something into his ear, Sharr nodded and muttered profanity under his breath, "Thank you, Agent."

"Duty calls. Supposedly." He gave a thankful nod to the woman and followed the agent.

"Let's get out of here then." The woman said indicating to the rest of the crew that they could head to wherever they wanted to get some rest. "If anyone doesn't have anywhere I have a spare bed and a couch." She offered to anyone thinking that they were all dead on their feet without having that issue to deal with.

Jerimiah had done what scientists do best, that is to say observe. What he saw he did not like, the fact that an investigation needed to occur was expected however, did it have to proceed at a snail's pace. When the permission to leave was given, he resolutely rose to his feet and sighed as he thought that it was about time.

Nealas approached the woman offering a spare room and a couch. It would be nice to spend a night somewhere outside of the Starfleet Medical facility. This was the perfect opportunity to do so, making the best of a bad situation. Plus, she figured if she stuck close to this woman she might actually be able to help out somewhere. Although she was sure they weren't looking for the help of a 24th century displaced doctor, "would you mind if I joined you?"

The Executive Officer shook her head. She did not mind at all, the offer was there to anyone who felt they needed it as she knew she needed a shower and bed for a few hours.

Jerimiah turned toward the rest of the crew that had been gathered and cocked an eyebrow. "I don't know about you folks but I could do with a sonic shower and a bed about now."

Ame nodded. It was a fantastic idea in her opinion and she really could not wait herself to just relax and sleep.


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